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  • Telephone Projectsfor the

    Evil Genius

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    Telephone Projectsfor the

    Evil Genius

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  • This book is dedicated to my first grandson Giovanni.May he dream big dreams and see them realized.

    Wishing him a long, interesting, and enjoyable life!

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    Tom Petruzzellis is an electronics engineer with 30 years experience, currently working with the geophysicalfield equipment department at the State University of New York-Binghamton. He has written extensively forindustry publications such as Electronics Now and Modern Electronics, and is the author of numerousMcGraw-Hill bestsellers, including Electronics Sensors for the Evil Genius.

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  • vii

    Introduction xi

    Acknowledgments xiv

    1 Telephone History 1

    2 How the Telephone Works 6

    3 Identifying Electronic Components 13

    4 Reading Schematics 20

    5 Electronic Parts Installation 28and Soldering

    6 Telephone Privacy Guard 39

    7 Modem Protector 42

    8 Telephone Amplifiers and Projects 46Magnetic Phone Pickup 47Direct Connect 52

    9 Phone Recorder Switch Project 55

    10 Telephone Conferencer Unit 61

    11 The Frustrator 67

    12 Hold Circuits and Projects 75Telephone Hold and Line-in-Use 78Basic Music-on-Hold 80Universal Hold Circuit 84Automatic Music-on-Hold 89

    13 Telephone Ringer Projects 98Silent Cellular Phone Ringer 100Remote Telephone Ringer 105Telephone Ring Detector 111Wireless Telephone Ringer 117Telephone Ring Generator 126

    14 Phone Line Status Circuits and 121Projects

    Phone In-Use Indicator 124Cut Phone Line Detector 128

    Phone Line-in-Use Relay 131Controller

    Single Phone Line Status Light 134Two-Line Phone Status Indicator 137Smart Phone Light 141Telephone Line Vigilant 145

    15 Telephone and Phone Line Testers 150Simple Telephone Line Tester 151Off-Line Telephone Tester 153Telephone Line Tester 157Telephone Line Simulator 159

    16 FM Telephone Transmitter 166

    17 Telephone Project 173

    18 Talking/Musical Telephone Ringer 187

    19 Telephone Tollsaver 195

    20 Infinity Bug/Transmitter Project 204

    21 Radio Phone Patch 213

    22 Telephone Phone Intercom 221

    23 Speaker-Phone Project 231

    24 Telephone Scrambler 241

    25 Telephone Tattletale 251

    26 DTMF Telephone Controller 261Project

    27 The BASIC STAMP Microcontroller 275

    28 DTMF Touch-Tone Generator/Decoder 282Display

    29 Caller-ID/Blocker Project 294

    30 Page-Alert 311Alarm Switch/Sensor Module 321Temperature/Voltage Level 323



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  • 31 Tele-Alert Project 328Motion Module 339Listen-in Module 344

    32 Remote Temperature Monitor 348

    Appendix: Electronic Parts Suppliers 364

    Index 367



  • Introduction


    Since its inception in 1876, the telephone hascaptured the imagination of people around theworld. From its simple origins, the telephone hasevolved from the humble device it once was to themodern cell phone or satellite phone. Thetelephone has fundamentally and instantaneouslychanged the human races ability to communicateover long distances. Today, not only can wecommunicate via the human voice but we canrapidly send scientific and health data, pictures,and information between any two people ororganizations on earth in just a few seconds bypicking up the phone and dialing the party at theother end. The development of the telephone hasprogressed at such a rapid rate in the last 50 yearsalone that it is truly amazing what can be donewith the telephone in our modern lives; and it is now mostly taken for granted.

    Our new book titled Telephone Projects for theEvil Genius is a fun and informative project bookwhich we hope will spark your imagination andcreative abilities. If you are interested in learningabout the history of the telephone, and how atelephone operates, or if you want to know how atelephone remote control functions and how toremotely control things around your home oroffice, or perhaps, if you would like to know howto build a remote telephone listening device, thenyou will definitely want to read on.

    This telephone project book was written for thegeneral electronics enthusiast as well as fortelephone enthusiasts and experimenters alike.

    This book will appeal to both electronics neophytesand seasoned circuit builders of all ages.

    Once you open up this book you will realize thatthe common telephone and telephone lines can beused in a variety of ways to support many differenttypes of projects that you perhaps never knewexisted. You will explore the basics of thetelephone, and learn how to build an electronictelephone and a telephone modem/line protector,as well as remote ringer circuits, line useindicators, a telephone intercom, speaker-phone, atelephone transmitter, and a telephone listeningdevice, just to name


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