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  • Definition:Wired and wireless service carriers, and resellers.

  • Loss Exposures:Physical Operations: employee injuries automobile accidents liability claims property losses

    Unique Loss Exposure: the services they offer information that they handle

  • What do you observe?

  • Back Injury:-Laborers installing a storm sewer pipe; the man in the foreground is pulling on a item called a 'tag-line' while the man in the background is holding and physically arresting the large object's momentum. Both actions are known to have caused back injuries.Types of worker injuries at work place: Manual handling & physical stress Slips, trips and falls on the same level Work around open manholes and trenches

    Conclusion:Above injuries can be covered under Workmen Compensation Insurance.

  • Property Damages:Damage to the antennae could disable critical communications systems or television access.Wind Damages:-

  • Earthquake Damages:The antenna with guy wires remained upright atop a collapsed building in the 2010 Haiti Earthquake. Even though some of the guy wires went slack, the antenna did not fall into the street.

  • Water Damages:Flood Damages to Telecom Sector:The telecom sector has suffered Rs1.87 billion losses to its infrastructure and equipment in Northern Areas of Pakistan because of the massive floods.PTCL suffered a loss of Rs. 164 million. According to an IT ministry report, Multinet had suffered a loss of Rs. 600 million.

  • Water Damages:

    Categories of damage Erosion of boundary walls and tower bases. Equipment damage due to water accumulation inside the site.(BSS, Trx, Power etc) Feeder cables damage due to settlement of cable bridge foundation support. Fiber cable Cuts on backbone and local fibers cables. Microwave Backhaul disruption Short circuits and power system damage including Generator damage In rare cases tower foundation settlement issues have occurred.

  • Flood Damages to Telecom Companies.:

  • Fire Can Cause Heavy Damages.See the pictures below:

  • Fire insurance is a form of property insurance which covers all/any immovable property.Property Insurance:Following can be cover under Property Insurance. Wind damage, Earthquake & Flood damage causing a

    telecommunications tower collapse. Burglary and theft i.e., mobile phones at retail sales locations associated

    with wireless carriers and service providers.

  • Off-site Locations:The telecommunication industry are primarily associated with operations, installations and maintenance activities at off-site locations i.e., work in public areas and work in and around customer residences

  • Telecom tower come a-tumbling down

    Occurred Losses: A house was badly damaged. An electricity transformer

    completely destroyed.Electricity poles & high-voltage

    wires were completely destroyed.

  • To control and eliminate hazards that may cause bodily injury or physical damage to others during operations, creating Liability Insurance for an organization.Protection against telecom hazards:

  • Liability Insurance:Incident Type :

    Damage to Property of Others (Third Party Liability)

    Bodily Injury Caused by Operations or Products

    Personal Injury

  • Other Insurance Solutions for Telecom Sector: Professional Indemnity Insurance Auto Liability Insurance Product Liability Mobile Phone Insurance (In use of Telecom Companies) Cash In Safe/Counter Cash In Transit Fidelity Guarantee Business Interruption

  • Implementation in the form of Insurance is key to reducing losses and damages to Telecommunication Industry.

    Decision Is YoursConclusion:

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