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DESCRIPTION TelecomPaper Breedband 2011 - B4RN Lindsey Annison


  • 1. Rural Broadband Lindsey Annison @digitaldales .uk
  • 2. Rural LancashireB4RN Area: approx 2000 km400km from LondonLimited mobile coverage4 exchanges, 0 PCPs
  • 3. Overview Why? State of existing broadband Why the market will not solve problem What State of the art Broadband network 100% coverage, nobody left out Future proof, 30-50 year life How Technically Financially Where The Final Third deeply rural10/04/11 3
  • 4. Country Living No mains gas LPG/Oil expensive tank, expensive fuel No sewage Expensive septic tank and needs emptying Water Bore hole/spring, filtration? Transport Little public transport Mum/dads taxi Broadband At best basic, usually very poor, remainder non existent But we like it out here so we grin and bear it!10/04/11 4
  • 5. Where we live10/04/11 5
  • 6. Why is our broadband bad?10/04/11 6
  • 7. Other Reasons are..The telcos do not want to play in rural areas. Government has set the bar too low with 2Mbps, or even 25Mbps.No-one is doing the sums of the VALUE to rural areas, and hence the whole country if all citizens, businesses and public sector have access to future-proofed FTTH and associated services and apps.10/04/11 7
  • 8. ROI on rural FTTHThe ROI is not all about telcos profits.It comes from every sector: Citizens savings, better technology for health, wealth & learning Public sector efficiencies & savings Business gains, access to new markets, innovation, expansion, jobs A slice of the pie for everyone, including the telcos. Its ... FiWi Pie. 8
  • 9. Super Fast Broadband (SFBB) Uses fibre to cabinet, PCP (FTTC) VDSL2 from there to your home over copper Cannot use VDSL2 from exchange (interference) Must be PCP (street cabinet) in route No PCPs on many rural exchanges Can only deliver SFBB(=>25Mbs to range of ~1.2Km from cabinet anyway)10/04/11 9
  • 10. FTTH Fibre all the way Hyperfast broadband 100Mbs/1000Mbs/10000Mbs all possible No distance limitations Future-proofed Long term savings10/04/11 1 0
  • 11. FTTC v FTTH Why doesnt BT upgrade to FTTH? FTTC much cheaper, uses the existing copper FTTH means new infrastructure all the way FTTH costs quoted at between 6K and 15K per property (related to dig distance) With revenue of 300/pa would never recover the investment Spend the same in urban areas, get at least 20 properties for the price of one in the rural Get investment back in 18 months or so They have to make a profit or shareholders would sack them10/04/11 1 1
  • 12. County SFBB Project BT confirmed FTTC not suitable for our area But FTTH too expensive given the level of subsidy available 30M but 200,000 properties = 150/property Equal to a subsidy of 2.5% using low end 6K estimate Will use alternative technologies WiFi speed variable depends on lots of things BET (Broadband Enabling Technology) 2Mbs max Satellite 8Mbs/512Kbs probably Will give you USC of 2Mbs but not much more10/04/11 1 2
  • 13. So what do we do? Can we do FTTH more cheaply than BT? Could it be affordable to the community? Capital cost of build Monthly charge to use it Can we build the network? Can we operate it afterwards? Would it be viable/sustainable?10/04/11 1 3
  • 14. DIY FTTH? Traditional model digs up roads and puts duct under them, costs 20-120 per metre B4RN plans to lay much smaller duct in farmland on the other side of the wall Need to get wayleaves from farmers Community Benefit Society Need to get sign up from community Have to raise the capital needed10/04/11 1 4
  • 15. B4RN (Broadband 4 the Rural North) Industrial and Provident Society Act 1965 Company number 31352R (R indicates an IPS) Community Benefit Society Similar to co-op but answerable to community rather than our shareholders, more like a charity in some ways One member one vote, not related to number of shares member holds Asset lock10/04/11 1 5
  • 16. The Plan -Phase 1 1322 Properties Core network 150Km of primary duct (16mm) Spurs 100Km of secondary duct (7mm) 1.6M to dig and install fibre 260K central costs Total = 1.86M (1400/property)10/04/11 1 6
  • 17. Customer Charges 1Gbs (1000Mbs) service 150 connection, 30/monthly Battery back up included (1 hour typically) Dont need a BT phone line, save 14.60/month 30/month is total cost Existing landline number can be kept and ported over to B4RN10/04/11 1 7
  • 18. Comparison CostsSupplier Speed Calls data cap Contract Install monthly Phone line total/mthBT up to 20Mbs Weekends 40GB 18 mths - 18.00 14.60 32.60BT up to 20Mbs eve+wkend 10GB 18 mths - 14.00 14.60 28.60BT up to 20Mbs Anytime 10GB 18 mths - 16.00 14.60 30.60BT up to 20Mbs Anytime no cap 18 mths - 28.00 14.60 42.60BT up to 40Mbs Anytime no cap 18 mths - 28.00 14.60 42.60B4RN 1000Mbs n/a no cap 12 mths 150.00 30.00 - 30.00B4RN 1000Mbs Anytime no cap 12 mths 169.00 35.99 - 35.99Tooway (Satellite) 6Mbs/1Mbs n/a 4GB 24 mths 299.97 24.99 14.60 39.59Tooway (Satellite) 10Mbs/2Mbs n/a 13GB 24 mths 299.97 49.99 14.60 64.5910/04/11 1 8
  • 19. Operating Costs Staffing 50K Technical support Admin Finance Company overheads 10K RIPE, NOMINET, Insurance, off