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  • Telangana Scheduled Castes Cooperative

    Development Corporation Limited, Hyderabad


    [Section 4(1)(b)]


    HYDERABAD - 500028

  • Telangana Scheduled Castes Cooperative Development

    Corporation Limited, Hyderabad

    Right to Information Act


    S.No Subject Page No.

    1 Organization, functions of the SC Corporation 1-17

    2 Powers and duties of Officers and Employees 18-19

    3 Decision making, process including channels of supervision and

    accountability 20

    4 Norms set for the discharge of functions 21-22

    5 Rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records under control and

    used by employees for discharging functions 23

    6 The Registers of documents that are under control 24

    7 Particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultations with, or

    representation by, the members of the public 25

    8 The Boards, Councils, Committees and other bodies 26-27

    9 Directory of the Officers and Employees 28

    10 Monthly remuneration of Officers and Employees 29

    11 Budget allocation including Plan 30-33

    12 Execution of subsidy program 34-62

    13 Recipients of concession, permits or authorization granted 63

    14 Information available produced in an electronic form 64

    15 Facilities available to citizens for obtaining information and working hours


    16 Names and designations of public information officers 68-71

    17 Maintenance of Records 72

  • Telangana Scheduled Castes Cooperative Development Corporation Limited, Hyderabad

    Right to Information Act

    Chapter - 1 Organization, Functions and Duties

    [Section 4(1) (b) (i)]

    1. Establishment of the Corporation

    Vision of SC Corporation

    The primary duty of the Corporation is to undertake the tasks of economic upliftment of the members of the Scheduled Castes in the

    State. The prime objective of the Corporation is as follows:

    i. The Corporation shall plan, promote, undertake and assist programmes of Agricultural Development, Animal Husbandry,

    Marketing, processing, supply and storage of Agricultural

    products, Small scale industry, village industry, cottage industry,

    trade business or any other activity which will enable the

    members of the Scheduled Castes to earn a better living and help

    them to improve their standards of living.

    ii. To undertake a programme for setting up employment oriented industries, cottage and small scale industries, village industries

    etc., by providing technical managerial assistance, financial

    assistance and any other form of assistance which may be

    required in achieving the above objective including providing the

    necessary financial guarantees to institutions on behalf of the

    societies concerned.

    iii. To provide facilities for survey, research or study of the problems relating to cottage and village industries, small business

    to assess potentialities of village, cottage and small scale

    industries and scope of their development with a view to promote

    such industries and business for the purpose of providing

    employment to the members of the Scheduled Castes.

    I. Introduction

    The erstwhile AP Scheduled Castes Co-op Finance Corporation Ltd, Hyderabad, was set up in the year 1974 with 23 Dist SC

    Societies in the undivided State of Telangana.


  • Pursuant to the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act, 2014, APSCCFC Ltd has been bifurcated into two entities and TSCCDC

    Ltd has been created for the State of Telangana with 10 Dist SC

    Societies, w.e.f. 02-06-2014.

    The Government of Telangana have created 21 new Districts from out of (10) erstwhile Districts and that the total (31) Districts were

    came functioning w.e.from 11.10.2016 in the State of Telangana.

    Share holding pattern is in the ratio of 51:49 between State Govt. and Govt. of India.

    The State of Telangana is having 54,08,800 SC population (15.45%) out of total population of 3,50,03,674 as per 2011 census.

    Schemes being taken up include Purchase of Agricultural Lands, Bore Wells, Tube Wells, Filter points, Pump sets, Pipe Lines,

    Energization under Minor Irrigation Schemes, Schemes under A.H

    Sector, Horticulture Sector & ISB sector with special emphasis on

    Vulnerable sections like Scavengers / Safai Karamcharis, Bonded

    Labour, Flayers & Tanners, Jogins etc, besides various training

    programmes .

    Since inception (1974-75), about Rs.3068.12 Cr have been spent through SC Corporation benefiting around 19.35 lakhs

    beneficiaries (upto 31.03.2018). The average spend is around

    Rs.71.35 Cr per annum.

    II. Loan Waiver & Change of Policy

    During 2008-09, the then Government have announced LOAN WAIVER SCHEME benefiting 6,18,632 SC beneficiaries and waived

    Rs.357.37 Cr loans pertaining to loans under Margin Money / NSFDC /

    NSKFDC in Telangana.

    In the light of the above loan waiver, as there is no scope of recovery from beneficiaries, the Government have taken responsibility to repay

    the outstanding loans to NSFDC / NSKFDC and re-paid all the pending

    loan dues to NSFDC / NSKFDC.

    The Government have dispensed with the lending policy and limited its role as felicitator.

    During 2008-09 (after waiver of the loans), the Government have changed the role of SC Corporation from lending agency to that of

    facilitator for providing subsidy @ 50% of the unit cost or Rs.30,000/-

    whichever is less. Accordingly, the subsidy portion was increased

    from Rs.10,000/- to Rs.30,000/- for sanction of economic support

    schemes with the Loan linkage from the Banks.


  • Government have brought out in SCSP / TSP Act No. 1 of 2013 on planning, allocation and utilization of financial resources for

    transparency and accountability for the economic, educational and

    human development of SCs during the year 2013-14. The Act

    facilitates allocation of more funds to SC Corporation for taking up

    economic support schemes in a more focused way for ensuring

    economic empowerment through sustainable livelihood to SC

    individuals and groups. The Government have further strengthened the

    existing SCSP programme bringing SC Special Development Fund

    (SCSDF) into light for effective implementation of schemes /

    programme meant for Scheduled Caste.

    The Government have issued G.O.Ms.No.38, SCD (SCP) Dept.,

    dt.28.08.2018, modifying the subsidy pattern of the Economic Support

    Scheme, to the SC beneficiaries from 2018-19 inserting 100% subsidy

    for the unit cost upto Rs.50,000/- without bank linkage.

    Scheme Subsidy Bank Loan / Others

    Land Purchase Scheme &

    Minor Irrigation 100 % Nil

    Training Skill

    development & Skill up

    gradation- Dist.

    Initiatives & other schemes

    100 % Nil

    Petty ESS unit upto

    Rs.50,000/- 100 % Nil

    Bank linked Self-

    Employment /

    Economic Support


    100% (for unit cost upto Rs.50,000/-) Nil

    80% (for unit cost upto 1.00 lakh) Balance as bank loan /

    beneficiary contribution

    70% (for unit cost upto 2.00 lakhs)

    60% (limited to 5.00 lakhs for unit

    cost from 2.01 lakhs to 12.00 lakhs)

    Bank Loan

    The following scheme is under Chief Ministers Entrepreneurship Development Programme.

    Schemes with Bank

    linkage under


    Development Programme

    1) 60% or Rs.5.00 lakhs subsidy

    whichever is less on the unit cost upto

    Rs.12.00 lakhs

    2) 5.00 lakhs or 35% subsidy,

    whichever is maximum on the unit

    cost upto Rs.25.00 lakhs

    3) 35% or 50.00 lakhs whichever is

    less on the unit cost above Rs.25.00


    Balance as

    bank loan


  • III. SC Corporation Action Plan 2018-19

    Corporation has formulated an Action Plan for the FY 2018-19 to provide assistance to 77018 beneficiaries with an outlay of Rs.2110.54

    Cr, with the Corporation subsidy of Rs.1488.38 crores as per the State

    Budget allocation


    Land Purchase Scheme with One Year Crop Assistance is planned to implement as a flagship programme with 100% subsidy and without

    any contribution from the beneficiaries and also without bank linkages.

    To take up viable and feasible asset-oriented economic support schemes which can generate sustainable income with the unit cost

    ranging from Rs.0.50 lakh to Rs.12.00 lakhs under Self- Employment /

    Economic Support Schemes.

    Government has created a provision for the schemes upto the unit cost of Rs.50,000/- towards 100% subsidy without linking of Bank finance.

    Under this, the persons who wanted to run small Petty activities under

    ISB Sector will be directly benefitted with 100% subsidy.

    To give priority for the poorest of poor (PoP) SC households including the vulnerable sections like Tanners and Flayers, Cobblers, Safai

    Karamacharies, Jogins, Bonded labour etc.

    To focus on providing 20% approved work as Working Capital finance by way of revolving fund as loan with 2% interest to the upcoming

    Civil Construction Contractors and Commodity Supply Contractors

    who cannot capable of taking up contract works by


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