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Tekla presents the Global BIM Awards 2013 winners and the finalists. Learn more about these impressive projects from this presentation. This year the categories were Total BIM, Cast in place concrete, Engineering, Precast concrete and Steel.


<ul><li>1.Tekla Global BIM Awards 2013 </li></ul> <p>2. TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 2 3. Tekla Global BIM Awards Overview First organized in 2009 Competitors are winners of regional Tekla BIM Awards Five categories: Total BIM Cast in place Engineering Precast Steel Winners chosen by jury and public vote TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 3 4. Tekla Global BIM Awards Jury Leading international BIM experts TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 John Bacus Product Management Director, Trimble SketchUp Ashwin Mahalingam Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Madras Richard Ogden Chairman, Buildoffsite Director, acumen7 Risto Rty Executive Vice President, Tekla Corporation General Manager, Trimble Buildings Structures Division Viktor Vrkonyi CEO, Graphisoft 4 5. Contents Project Company Category Puuvilla Shopping Centre Project group of multiple companies Total BIM BB&amp;T Ballpark Wayne Brothers Inc. &amp; Harris Steel Cast in place Kalasatama Fiskari and Fregatti Insinritoimisto Mkelinen Oy Precast Gap Ice-skating Rink Sarl Patrick Millet Steel Tesco Sheringham Pinnacle Engineering Baku Olympic Stadium Tekfen &amp; Sdeng Total BIM Sengenthal Biomass Heat and Max Bgl Total BIM Power Plant Pantin Terralia Vinci, CBC, BET Le Joncour &amp; Cast in place Atelier dArchitecture Tqui Knislinge Power Plant WSP Bridge &amp; Civil Engineering Cast in place Jepua Waste-to-Energy Plant Wise Group Finland Oy Steel Kapelanka 42 Consolis Polska Precast Nye Gand Videregend School Constravia Precast SAFI SAP Sidi Rosia Plant OCP / JESA / JACOBS France Engineering King Abdulla Sports City Six Construct Engineering 5 TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 6. Puuvilla Shopping Center TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 By Puuvilla Shopping Center project group In Pori, Finland Mixes 100-year-old and contemporary structures for creating 100,00m2 of retail space A true product of collaboration: 13 companies teamed up for modeling BIM used in structural design, precast detailing, steel roof structures and faade elements to architectural, MEP and sprinkler design 6 7. Puuvilla Shopping Center TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 7 8. BB&amp;T Ballpark TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 Concrete and coordination by Wayne Brothers Inc., Rebar by Harris Steel In Charlotte, USA 10,000 seat stadium used for baseball games, concerts, festivals and community events Wayne Brothers modeled cast in place and sitework, and planned pours, tracked progress and coordinated sequences with other trades Layout managed with points created in Tekla and placed with Trimble Robotic Total Station 8 9. BB&amp;T Ballpark TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 9 10. Kalasataman Fiskari and Fregatti TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 By Engineering Office Mkelinen Oy In Helsinki, Finland Two 6-7 story residential building with yard deck Modeling from conceptual design to construction site Challenging facade with 30 structure types Model includes the piled foundations, detailed and reinforced concrete elements, load-bearing structures and thermal insulation and brickwork 10 11. TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 Kalasataman Fiskari and Fregatti 11 12. Gap Ice-skating Rink TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 By Sarl Patrick Millet In Gap, France 1970s ice-skating rink updated to match todays seismological and other norms Original timber trusses had to be preserved Timber and steel structures in the model 12 13. Gap Ice-skating Rink TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 13 14. Tesco Sheringham TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 By Pinnacle In Sheringham, UK Everyday yet bespoke Tesco supermarket with a complex timber roof structure BIM used for structural design and detailing of foundations and concrete and steel frame, facade, prefabrication, and creating drawings and bills of materials Thanks to modeling, the client could visualize the complete shopping experience 14 15. Tesco Sheringham TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 15 16. Baku Olympic Stadium TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 By Tekfen Engineering and Sdeng Steel &amp; Structural Detail Engineering In Baku, Azerbaijan 68,000 seats Designers working in several countries and limited time demanded lot from communication tools Team modeled precast, reinforced concrete, steel structures and extracted fabrication drawings for fabrication facility in Turkey 3D animation of the complex roof installation developed using Tekla 16 17. Baku Olympic Stadium TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 17 18. 18 Tekla Global BIM Awards 2013 Finalists TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 19. Sengenthal Biomass Heat and Power Plant TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 By Max Bgl In Sengenthal, Germany Supplies heat from biomass combustion and gasification to the headquarters of Max Bgl Includes a main hall, carburetor building and a wood chip store A Max Bgl project from planning to assembly 19 20. TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 Sengenthal Biomass Heat and Power Plant 20 21. Pantin - Terralia TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 By Vinci, CBC, BET Le Joncour &amp; Atelier dArchitecture Tqui In Paris Residential cast in place building project with 41 apartments and a canal-side brasserie The team modeled the concrete frame and planned the pour program Documents on planning and structures including daily formwork created from the model 21 22. TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 Pantin - Terralia 22 23. Knislinge Power Plant TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 By WSP Bridge &amp; Civil Engineering In Skne, Sweden Hydropower plant producing 4GWh Tricky geometry around the waterway made modeling concrete and reinforcement challenging WSP modeled parts that supplement the frame, including wood battens, furring, isolation and facade materials, plus extracted drawings from the Tekla model 23 24. TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 Knislinge Power Plant 24 25. Jepua Waste-To-Energy Plant TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 By Wise Ground Finland Oy In Jepua, Finland Several buildings including gas processing, reception and 24-meter high boiler buildings Structural designer Wise and general contractor Fira collaborated extensively Models of process equipment and structures combined to avoid clashes 25 26. TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 Jepua Waste-To-Energy Plant 26 27. Kapelanka 42 TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 By Consolis Polska In Cracow, Poland 25,000m2 of office space in two buildings Tekla utilized for designing and detailing the precast concrete elements plus monolithic and steel parts Creating the model in the tendering phase allowed the team to make quantity takeoffs and present structural changes to the client understandably 27 28. TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 Kapelanka 42 28 29. Nye Gand Videregend Skole TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 By Costravia In Stavanger, Norway A school building designed to last seismic activity Constravia modeled precast concrete structures including columns, beams, hollow-core slabs and internal walls, and cast in place concrete foundations &amp; steel parts of frame Very tight schedule and simultaneous work on design and construction on site 29 30. TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 Nye Gand Videregend Skole 30 31. SAFI SAP - Sidi Rosia Plant TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 By OCP / JESA / JACOBS France In Sidi Rosia, Morocco Two production units for sulfuric acid, both producing 3,400 tons of acid per day Effective design process: The units are designed 80% alike although differently integrated Interoperability crucial: PDMS reference models of initial process design and piping were exported into Tekla, and further exported from Tekla to Tekla BIMsight and Navisworks 31 32. TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 SAFI SAP - Sidi Rosia Plant 32 33. TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 King Abdulla Sport City By Six Costruct In Saudi Arabia 60,000 seat stadium with 500 person Mosque and a minaret plus 8 km asphalted road and 2 km pedestrian walkways BIM used in structural design and detailing of the frame and foundations, modeling precast and cast in place concrete Drawing and bills of materials extracted from the Tekla model 33 34. King Abdulla Sport City TeklaGlobalBIMAwards2013 34 </p>