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  • 1. I can make a movie and put on youtube I amI want to be in the army I feellike danicing,dancing to the grove

2. Term 1 Club290 Term 3Club490 Term 2 Club 360 Term 4 Club 530 Achievements My goal Is to get to 600 hundredbefore the end of the year to do that I need To practice my words 10 Times in my Practice spelling book 3. Success Criteria for Processing Information :This speech should display the following features Speeches Term 3 2009 Closing Mihi : No reira tena koutou Ending : rounds off speech, sums up, uses I statement in conclusion Stance : Makes eye contact, faces audience, uses hand gestures, confident,Tone of voice : Interesting, monotone, confident, clear, articulate My goal is to speak clearer when Im doing my speech to achive that I need to practice when Im talking to my mates Content : Interesting, Humorous, factual, phrased, uses props Introduction : My speech is about. Mihi : Tihei mauriora, Tena Koutou . 4. I know how to edit my work - self assessment Term 2 2009 I underline a mistake and cross out a word with my ruler I use a red pen to edit my work I am working on this I know how to rework my draft I dont know how to use these yet I know how to use speech marks I dont know how to use these yet I know how and when to use a comma I am working on this I know when to use a full stop I know when to use a capital letter and I use them correctly I use a friend to check my spelling I use a dictionary to correct those errors I can find all my own errors 5. My Goals My acrostic poem

  • Highlight the
  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs
  • Verbs
  • Metaphors
  • Similes

I need to practice .....writing my words on a straight line with out having lines to write on Term 4 2009 6.

  • Highlight the
  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs
  • Verbs
  • Metaphors
  • Similes

My Goals I need to practice .....my metaphors because I dont really now how to use them and a metaphor is when you say something that is something else. Like peter ate too much he was such a pig Term 4 2009 My WANTED poster 7. In my writing I can Term 4 2009 The correct pens to write and edit with Yes I can use adjectives like: eyes,red,wings,hair Punctuation like Full stops instead of and Capital letters to start a sentence, Names and Places I always remember to use... I can use metaphors; The cotton wool filled clouds filled the sky I can use similes; he is as tall as the sky tower I can use adverbs like:Now,very I can use verbs like: run,play,walk,talk,swimming No 8. Health and PE Term 4 2009 B1 Movement and Skills: Science and Technology B2 Positive Attitudes, challenges and social and cultural factors Key Areas of Learning Body care and Physical Safety Physical Activity Athletics Self Assessment Name:ted Find and add your photos

  • My thoughts about today
  • I feel very good about today I' am happy
  • Throw
  • High jump
  • Long jump
  • 800
  • 200
  • 100
  • 75
  • 50
  • I participated in these events

I won all of my races by default

  • I am at school and I am participating

Comment I can . Post 9. Geometry Term 4 2009 I can name the number of faces on a 3d shape I can name the number of edges on a 3d shape I can name the number of vertices on a 3d shape I know the difference between 2d and 3d shapes I can name many 3d shapes I can name many 2d shapes Learning Intentions 10. Te Reo Term 4 2009 Homai nga Nga rare papa Kei heaNga rare papa My next learning step is I can translate these I know whatKei hea means I know whatHomai means I know whatAnei means I know whatnga means I know whattem eans Post Pre Success Criteria LI : Know, understand, and respond to Homai, Anei, Kei hea, te, nga, Spell these words correctly and write the sentence correctlyUnderstand a range of oral texts containing familiar phrases and sentences Level 2 11. horrors page 12. my shufflingted,fin,west,jason,heme,gerry,tyriq,mano,taake,cullen crew 13. 14. SABU My wrestling page 15. i luv u mum Family page