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1. Confidential // NEORIS 1Confidential // NEORIS 1Confidential // Do Not Reproduce without prior written permission from NEORIS Practical Visionaries Harness The Internet Of Things To Capture The Power Of Omnichannel April 2015 2. Confidential // NEORIS 2 Craig Templin Business Director NEORIS USA During his 28 years in the application software development business, Craig has worked a wide range of successful projects from rule-based expert system diagnostic systems for the F-16 and F-111 aircraft to grocery warehouse fulfillment systems that integrate directly with ERPs and e-Commerce systems. Craig has extensive experience in all aspects of software development including Software Project Management, Systems and Software Requirements Analysis, Architecture and Design, Implementation and Unit Test, Integration and System Testing and Maintenance. Over the past 19 years, Craig has worked as an IT consultant for companies including Whole Foods Market, Grainger, Men’s Wearhouse, CEMEX, and He has been at NEORIS for over 12 years where he currently works business and innovation development. 3. Confidential // NEORIS 3 NEORIS NEORIS is a global business and IT consulting firm. We establish long-term relationships with our clients, helping them improve performance throughout the different stages of their business. Our unique global delivery model, combined with cutting-edge IT services, allows us to innovate, build, deploy and operate business solutions that are both practical and visionary. Fast Facts Employees: Founded: Offices: Headquarters: Presence: Over 3,500 2000 20 Miami, Florida USA US, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia 4. Confidential // NEORIS 4 I. Internet of Things (IoT) is a game changer II. IoT will re-invent the business at 3 levels III. Sourcing leveraged to help innovate 5. Confidential // NEORIS 5 6. Confidential // NEORIS 6 7. Confidential // NEORIS 7 8. Confidential // NEORIS 8 9. Confidential // NEORIS 9 10. Confidential // NEORIS 10 11. Confidential // NEORIS 11 12. Confidential // NEORIS 12 13. Confidential // NEORIS 13 14. Confidential // NEORIS 14 15. Confidential // NEORIS 15 16. Confidential // NEORIS 16 17. Confidential // NEORIS 17 18. Confidential // NEORIS 18 19. Confidential // NEORIS 19 20. Confidential // NEORIS 20 21. Confidential // NEORIS 21 22. Confidential // NEORIS 22 23. Confidential // NEORIS 23 24. Confidential // NEORIS 24 Internet of Things will Re-invent Industries at 3 Levels Business Model Business Process Business Moment 25. Confidential // NEORIS 25 Business Moments are the Key Exploit transient moments of opportunity & compete w/ unprecedented velocity & agility via glanceable information & micro-interactions 26. Confidential // NEORIS 26 Business Moments for Customers To give information, to give help, to give advice in moments of need is key to customer service and how to retain & attract new customers. 27. Confidential // NEORIS 27 Business Moments for Employees Every day as new devices connect into the IoT, businesses have the opportunity to enter into new moments of opportunity & better serve 28. Confidential // NEORIS 28 Digital innovation requires an organization to be more nimble Lead your Business at 2 speeds  Keep the lights on:  Using traditional methodologies and traditional corporate systems  Innovations, digital experiments, & mapping business moments require a different approach  Lighter weight governance and monitoring  Create a separate faster multi-disciplinary team  Create some distance from IT 29. Confidential // NEORIS 29 Sourcing Can Be Leveraged to Help Innovate  What services does a sourced innovation engagement include? What are the benefits relative to traditional in-house innovation? What accelerators will expedite innovation? Supplement in-house efforts with teams that provide skills, resources, & tech accelerators to inspire, innovate & implement 30. Confidential // NEORIS 30 Services of a sourced Innovation engagement Recognize Architect Construct Evaluate The Moment The Engagement The Solution The Outcome • Who are you serving? • How are they engaged? • What is their purpose and goal? • What is their situation and location? • What is their emotional state or attitude? • What are their preferences and history? • What service are you going to provide? • What will it accomplish – what is success? • How will they find you? • Does it improve their experience? • Is the organization ready? • Are the people ready? • Are you prepared to change? • What processes are impacted? • What systems are required? • Can they support the architecture and solution? • How are you going to monitor and what metrics do you collect? • Business? Engagement? Technical? • Are you able to collect the data? • Do you have the tools to analyze and evaluate? • Do you have expertise? R A C E 31. Confidential // NEORIS 31 Benefits relative to traditional in-house innovation  Sourced innovation can naturally provide a separate faster multi-disciplinary team:  configurable in accord with your vision and participation  following proven Agile methodologies  with light weight governance and monitoring  to build your proof-of-concepts, architectures and solutions  staffed to promote real-time collaboration/communication during your business hours Traditional in-house innovation is encumbered by the existing IT portfolio & unable to take risks when limited by existing infrastructure 32. Confidential // NEORIS 32 Accelerators That Expedite Innovation  An innovation partner has worked through the process, done the research, and knows how to operate and apply technology to provide business value  Technology labs stocked with latest innovations  Partnerships with major platforms, application vendors, and innovative startups  Technology accelerators leveraged to best compete for and seize digital moments  Best practices, blueprints, frameworks, and reference applications Leveraging a sourcing partner to inspire, innovate and implement 33. Confidential // NEORIS 33 Thank you Contact Us Tel: +1 (305) 728-6000
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1. Confidential // NEORIS 1Confidential // NEORIS 1Confidential // Do Not Reproduce without prior written permission from NEORIS Practical Visionaries Harness The Internet…