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Technology Then And Now

The developments in technology as without it we wouldnt be here. Even if you think back to a decade ago, technology has radically changed. We now all carry around smart phones in our pockets that have instant access to the internet, cameras, calculators, and pretty much any piece of technology we might need on-the-go. In the past, we didn't have it so simple, even though we thought we were innovative at the time. My, how everything has changed.

The ComputerNow computers are powerful, sleek and more importantly, portable. Theyre the workhorse of the business world and the central hub of the household.

The Smartphone Seriously, how can the latest smartphone have 32,768 times more RAM than other phone. The smartphone of today is not so much a phone any more but a PC in your pocket essential for our everyday tasks

The World Wide WebFast forward to 2014 and there are nearly a billion websites in the world, the Internet is now the place where over 70% of people look to first for their answers. A small company called Google, who is valued at a measly $270 billion dollars.

The TabletIn the 80s, tablet devices consisted of pen and paper, and more importantly, the Filofax. Across the world business people would be planning their sales meetings, storing their contacts and keeping all their important information in one place.Jump to 2014 and we have a multitude of choice ranging from the iPad to the Kindle. Not only have they replaced the trusty Filofax, theyre replacing the computer too.

Social Networks

Before Twitter and Facebook, people used to actually socialize in places with other people! And get this, they did it outside of the house! Weirdos.Social networks are becoming ingrained in our daily lives. From promoting businesses to arranging a get together with friends and everything in-between. Social networks will only continue to grow in the future.