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Technology Plan vs National Plan. Lynda Hoffpauir EDLD 5362 – ET8011. District’s Technology Plan. 2008-2011 $877.39 Technology Expenditure Per Pupil 3 Student(s) for every computer 1 Teacher(s) for every computer 12 member planning committee - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Technology Plan vs National Plan

Technology Plan vs National PlanLynda HoffpauirEDLD 5362 ET8011Districts Technology Plan2008-2011$877.39 Technology Expenditure Per Pupil3 Student(s) for every computer1 Teacher(s) for every computer12 member planning committeeStrategic integration of technology in the classroomCommunity and Parent learning opportunitiesProfessional developmentBudgetary efforts

Districts Information SystemDistrict is currently using an information system that is not integratedDistrict will be moving to a system that is integrated and SIF compliantThere will be applications utilizing a single district databaseThe applications will join teachers, parents, students, administrators and PEIMS processingBy implementing the new system the district will be in full compliance with the State of Texas Education Code for processing and reporting.

National Education Technology PlanNational Education Technology Plan 2010 By 2020, America will once again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world.President Barack Obama, Address to Congress, February 24, 2009Transforming American Education: Learning Powered by Technology

National continuedThe National Education Technology Plan, Transforming American Education: Learning Powered by Technology, calls for applying the advanced technologies used in our daily personal and professional lives to our entire education system to improve student learning, accelerate and scale up the adoption of effective practices, and use data and information for continuous improvement.

National continuedIt presents five goals with recommendations for states, districts, the federal government, and other stakeholders. Each goal addresses one of the five essential components of learning powered by technology: Learning, Assessment, Teaching, Infrastructure, and Productivity.

Areas to Map to the National PlanNumber of Classrooms with Direct Connection to Internet increased to 100%Number of Computer/Student Ration increased to 1 student (s) for every computerTechnology Expenditure Per Pupil increased from $877.39 to $1011.00 per pupilTechnology Planning Committee membership selection representative of all stakeholdersStrategic integration of technology focus representative of current day personal and professional lives toward education system.

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