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Technology in Movies: Gattaca (1997). By: Hyeok Chun YoungGyoo Hwang Hooly Sim Jordan Woods. Technology:. Genetic Manipulation. Question 1 – Function & Design. Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Technology in Movies:Gattaca (1997)By: Hyeok ChunYoungGyoo HwangHooly SimJordan Woods

Technology:Genetic Manipulation

Question 1 Function & DesignPre-implantation genetic diagnosisParents have the ability to choose the best genetic combination (e.g. gender) and eliminate certain genes they do not desireElimination of susceptibility to disease, violent behavior, unwanted tendencies, etc.Various functions, used to elongate life expectancy, solve various health problems, strength the immune system, etc.

Question 1 Function & Design (contd)Gene splicingGiving a human embryo genes not of the parents to enhance abilities (e.g. mathematics, music, etc.)Function was to alter the individuals genetics to allow for more options than their parents potential gene pool combinations

Question 2 - ObstaclesEthical / Moral IssuesIs it dangerous to play the role of god?Legal IssuesGenetic engineering is likely to face government resistance.Financial IssuesThis technology already exists and is used on plants/animals, but is very expensive. To develop the technology for human use will be cripplingly expensive for the general population.

Question 3 BenefitsBenefitsPotential to eliminate many genetically-inherited diseasesPotential to end bullying (through perfected ability and appearance)Potential to drastically reduce health costs in the worldPotential to dramatically improve the environment (increased intelligence allows for quicker and more effective solutions to problems)

Question 3 (Contd) - DetrimentsDetrimentsPotential to severely damage the multi-billion-dollar beauty industry (as well as eliminate countless jobs) because of perfected appearancesPotential for increased discrimination against those who do not receive genetic manipulation (as had occurred in Gattaca)Potential for unforeseen negative side effects as a result of genetic manipulationLack of diversity (if everyone is special, then in reality nobody is)

Question 4 Institutional Mechanisms Laws / Government Regulations: Criminalizing Genetic Discrimination Confidentiality Regulations required to monitor the process

Culture / Norms: Make it affordable to all members of society (will likely require Government subsidies) Acceptance gained through focusing on prevention of hereditary illnesses Subsidies can be guaranteed through offsetting skyrocketing Health Care Costs Existing cultural acceptance in China

Question 5 Personal OpinionOur opinion is that we believe genetic manipulation will become a reality in the future. China is already taking extensive efforts researching and obtaining genetic material from the best and brightest around the world. However, in terms of our acceptance we are divided:Half our our group believes that humans as a race should not attempt to play the role of god; that is to say, nature should be left alone and its processes should not be interfered with by humans. Additionally, the unforeseen consequences of our actions pose a threat to our success as a species in the futureOn the other hand, half of our group believes that the benefits of such technology would do wonders for the human race and that they should be wholeheartedly embracedThe freedom of selecting genetic characteristic seems to help human being to be perfect. Yet, as long as differences among people exist, discrimination could huge issue. Like this, we thought that this kind of technology strongly confines potential development possibility of human being. If everyone accepts those kinds of classification, the development of individuals would be stopped, and then the society would have no more development.As well, if we can select our characteristics, there would be no fun to live. Isnt it?On the other hand, it can be argued that the progression of a species is dependent on its ability to adapt; humans were gifted with intelligence surpassing that of other animals on earth, therefore is using this intelligence not the same as the natural order of things?

Question 6 Future Adaptation?Technology is developingScientists have the ability to tinker with our inheritenceDramatic development in geneticsGenetic screening advancementPhilosophical and moral implicationsTraditional and first age eugenics was restricting mentally ill, poor, immigrants, and non-whites from propagating (Positive Eugenics movement which served as an inspiration and justification for Nazism)Genetics can play a positive role in medicine and health (new role of eugenics)The dream of engineering ourselves; reducing sufferingnew eugenics described by advocates not as improving the species, but by the individuals personal desire to be as healthy, intelligent and attractive as possibleWhen and How?Genetic screening already being done (albeit not to Gattacas sophistication)Few decades of R&D and could be entirely possible (animal domestication and genetic modification like GloFish, the first GMO to be sold as a pet in 2003)

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