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Presentation for "Technology for Learning: developing the teachers" conference held at Newcastle College on Friday 9th July 2009


  • Technology and teacher educators what do we know? Technology for Learning: developing the teachers Friday 9th July 2009 Newcastle College Bryony Taylor, LLUK
  • Workshop outline
    • Overview of research findings from LLUK the use of technology in initial teacher training
    • Ideas for helping teacher educators to keep up to date with new technologies
  • Lifelong Learning UK
    • Sector Skills Council for the lifelong learning sector
    • Research and labour market intelligence
    • Standards and qualifications
    • Developed the teacher training qualifications PTLLS, CTLLS & DTLLS
  • The use of technology in initial teacher training
    • Small piece of research undertaken by LLUK
    • Involved interviewing people in all the CETTs and 9 ITT providers
    • Looked at use of technology in the content and delivery of ITT
  • Key findings
    • The use of technology is embedded across the curriculum we are perhaps now moving away from the concept of e-learning, just as we dont talk about book-learning now
  • Key findings
    • New pedagogies are evolving as teacher educators actively reflect on developments to ensure that course content and delivery remains current
  • Key findings
    • But there is variation in the levels of confidence in using technology for learning in individuals and providers
  • Key findings
    • Many people are using new technologies with their learners but are not always reflecting on their pedagogical applications
  • Key findings
    • Consequently there is no across-the-board consensus among ITT providers about what constitutes effective use of technology in learning delivery.
  • Key findings
    • There is a tension between trying to be at the cutting edge of technological change, and finding that sometimes we are preparing teachers/tutors to use programmes and tools that are not available to them in a provider context.
  • Key findings
    • LLUKs technology application guides (which replace the e-learning standards) are an appropriate approach but companion materials need to be produced which show practitioners how to use the different tools referred to
    Download the guides here:
  • Its not just in FE!
    • Everyone in the lifelong learning sector is grappling with these issues.
    • We held an online discussion and symposium event on 19 th March to discuss how technology is changing the way we teach & learn
  • What did we discover?
    • Its not about the technology!
    • Its not as much about a new skill-set being needed as a mind-set
  • What are the needs of the workforce?
    • Attitudes and behaviours
    • A new mind-set recognition of the need to change and willingness to change
    • Flexibility and adaptability
    • Resilience
  • What are the needs of the workforce?
    • Skills
    • Digital life skills
    • Mentoring and coaching skills
    • Facilitation skills
    • Ability to manage online identities/online presence
    • Ability to evaluate new technologies for their use in teaching and training
    • Curating online content made by
    • others
  • So what are the barriers to addressing these needs?
    • Fear fear of getting it wrong, breaking it, looking stupid
    • Risk aversion its dangerous
    • Lack of awareness of what is available
    • Not having the connectivity or kit to use the tool
  • Thinking differently
    • What if, instead of saying you should be able to do this? we said what do you want to do today?
  • Responding to these findings
    • LLUK intends to undertake some research into new and emerging pedagogies to inform the next review of the teacher training qualifications
  • Any questions?
    • View and download this presentation here:
  • This is where you come in!
    • LLUK intends to develop, with partners and practitioners in the sector, a series of resources which outline different technological tools and their pedagogical applications using our technology application guides as the basis
  • CPD idea: Non- smoking breaks
    • Sharing tools and websites that you find useful over a short coffee break
  • Developing useful resources for you
    • Where do you currently get your information from on new tools for teaching & learning?
    • In what format would you like to see links to resources to help you use technology in learning delivery?
    Please add your thoughts to:
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