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Technical Skill Assessment and the Success of Statewide Articulation Agreements Montana Rigorous Programs of Study Slide 2 Career pathways spelled out in the Rigorous Programs of Study initiative (RPOS) span secondary and postsecondary education Concentrate on high- demand, high-wage occupations. Statewide articulation agreements must become the norm. Arne Duncan Rigor, Relevance and the Future of CTE Remarks presented April 19, 2011 Slide 3 10 Component Framework RPOS 5. COLLEGE AND CAREER READINESS STANDARDS 6. COURSE SEQUENCES 7. CREDIT TRANSFER AGREEMENTS 9. TEACHING AND LEARNING STRATEGIES 10. TECHNICAL SKILLS ASSESSMENTS Slide 4 Montana RPOS Six year construction pathway Sequence of Courses 4 years of secondary 2 years of postsecondary How do you know College Ready? Aligned to national standards Technical Skill Assessment College entrance assessments Slide 5 Slide 6 Slide 7 Slide 8 Goal is College Ready. Academic test Math and English ACT or SAT ACT Compass Technical CTE Slide 9 The answer is too often NO! Montana and many other states 60% of students entering a two-year college fail English, Math or both. Enroll in non-credit remedial class Only 50% move on to their major field Slide 10 Academic Knowledge/Skill in terms of CTE Integrate math and literacy into CTE classes National Research Center for Career and Technical Education (NRCCTE) Math-in-CTE Literacy-in-CTE Geometry in Construction Dual-Credit College level Technical math/English Slide 11 Technical skills not as clear Look to national standards cluster standards ( NCCER National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Slide 12 Montana Strategy - START Start with business/industry What is career ready Career Clusters at NCCER College Curriculum Common Course Numbering State Wide Articulation Agreements Slide 13 CSTN 100 Fundamentals of Construction START Agreement Foundation Common course numbering 80% Common Competencies/Objectives CSTN 100 Competencies Explain the role that safety plays in the construction trades Demonstrate the proper use -of safety tools Safely demonstrate the use of hand tools and power tools Perform basic math as required for carpentry Slide 14 Creating the assessment Based on national standards that make sense to industry postsecondary secondary Buy in from all of above Confidence Instructors Administrators Registrars Slide 15


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