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  1. 1. Technical Skill and Assessment By Tim Loe
  2. 2. Technical Skill The new technical skill I have learnt is how to use asteady-cam. The steady-cam proved useful for the shots requiringa tracking movement, or a slightly more uniquecamera movement opposed to the fixed camera on atripod. The more steady movements that the steady-camallowed gave the video professional look.
  3. 3. Assessment I feel that the production went well, however therewere some areas that I should look to develop for myA2 Project.
  4. 4. Assessment Firstly the audio, which was one of the biggestproblems could be improved. The blustery weathercontaminated the audio, making it sometimes hard tohear what actors were saying, and also projecting adiscomforting blowing noise throughout theproduction. The levels could also be slightly morebalanced, as the soundtrack was too loud comparedto the dialogue, undermining actors powerful andmeaningful lines.
  5. 5. Assessment There were also some minor continuityproblems, and a lack of exposition, meaning that thenarrative was portrayed in an unclear way. Thiscould be improved by more planning, and qualitativeresearch, so peoples opinions on the narrative canbe analysed, and considered when filming.


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