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  • Teaming-up: Area Teams for Learning Support, 1992, Julie Allan, Pamela Munn,0947833692, 9780947833695, Scottish Council for Research in Education, 1992


    This final report resulted from a 1-year evaluation of three Area Learning Support Teams, intendedto provide a flexible and coordinated learning support service in three secondary schools andassociated primary schools in one region of Scotland. The study interviewed 26 key people andused questionnaires to elicit opinions of 163 others. Findings and recommendations are groupedinto six categories: (1) overview (e.g., a high regard was exhibited toward learning support staffby headteachers, mainstream teachers, and parents); (2) management of learning support (therole of team leader was a critical one); (3) responsibilities of the team leaders (no mandatoryteaching responsibility is recommended to free leaders for the learning support coordination task);(4) concept of a team (team cohesiveness takes a long time to develop and such activities as staffdevelopment seminars may reinforce team cohesiveness); (5) team objectives (specific, realistic,and attainable objectives need to be identified by team members; and (6) team members in theclassroom (greater involvement by team members in joint lesson planning and consultation isrecommended). (Four references) (DB)


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    Teaming-up: Area Teams for Learning Support 1992 Scottish Council for Research in Education, 1992

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