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  • 1.Arabic Perspective

2. Foreign Perspective 3. Synergy0 Why Do we need Team work?0 1+1 =110 Synergy : the output of the team is much greater than the summation of outputs of individuals0 Team work is like photomosaic 4. FormingTeam CreationNormingStormingPerforming Celebrating 5. Love and respect TrustTeamValues Appreciate Be Flexible 6. Types of Team members0 Supervisor0 Team Leader (Network Facilitator)0 Team member 7. How to deal with hardpeople? 8. Expressive / Talkative0 Knowing too much0 Interrupts all time along0 Showy0 HOW TO DEAL WITH THEM ?? 9. Quite /shy0 Break the ice0 Ask them open ended questions0 Show interest in what they say0 Invite them to non official meetings 10. Arguing and Complaining0 Sit with them aside0 Show that the aim of workis to solve the problem not tolose hope0 Show how their attitudesare harmful 11. A good leader should0 Have infinite flexibility , and deal with all problem0 Know how to deal with difficult members0 Coach NOT DEMONSTRATE0 Have a long term vision0 Creates the spirit0 WORK 12. The Six important words for a leader0 I admit I made something wrong0 If you please0 Whats your opinion?0 Thank you0 Im proud of you0 WE 13. A good team player should0 Act flexibly0 Cooperate with his team members and leader0 Be a motivator and appreciator0 Show respect to all team members0 Be committed 14. To sum up0 Team work in Arabic and foreign cultures0 Synergy and effect of team work0 Team Formation0 Hard people0 Good leader0 Good Team player 15. A special thank you to : Habiba Ashraf


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