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<ul><li><p>8/13/2019 Team Work - A key enabler</p><p> 1/3</p><p>Teamwork - A key enabler</p><p>1. We, during our life, undertake a lot of group activities starting from our childhoodwell into our adulthood. Our childhood games, sports, school activities, family chores,</p><p>our college life, adventure trips with friends, professional career and settling in family</p><p>life; all are team events. One thing comes out obvious: life is not a solo flight. A great</p><p>portion of what we achieve or fail to achieve in our life is therefore because of teamwork</p><p>or lack of it respectively. All great feats therefore have one latent but colossal force at</p><p>work: good teamwork.</p><p>2. We hear a lot about the pivotal place that teamwork occupies, but never knowthe real reasons behind these assertions. It is therefore quite an instructive foray to</p><p>decode the magic of teamwork.</p><p>3. Every activity is undertaken with a purpose to achieve certain goal(s),</p><p>achievement of which has to be paramount. In more complex settings, it may involve a</p><p>huge array of independent entities working for different goals which in turn lead to a</p><p>common goal. The said complexity makes the task of harnessing energies of huge</p><p>groups, sub-groups and variety of people that constitute these entities a monumental</p><p>task. A lot of organizations sink under the enormity of the said challenge. But teamwork</p><p>brings goal into such focus that goal becomes much more important than the role. This</p><p>relegates individual egos/idiosyncrasies to back seat and brings forth the collective</p><p>good.</p><p>4. Each organization/group is formed of people with different levels of expertise in</p><p>different fields as one cannot master everything. In absence of goodness of teamwork,</p><p>weaknesses will be ridden upon by co-workers to achieve prominence. In teamwork,</p><p>however, weak areas of others are improved. So in the end collective strength serves to</p><p>diminish the effects of inherent weaknesses.</p><p>5. One of the key aspects for hiring personnel in all organizations is interpersonal</p><p>skills of new entrants. Crudely defined, interpersonal skill is ones ability to get along</p></li><li><p>8/13/2019 Team Work - A key enabler</p><p> 2/3</p><p>with others. A cursory view at the definition tells us that there is inherent desire in</p><p>organizations to have workers who can go along others and be contributing members of</p><p>a team. Important thing to note is that working in a team not only hones but also begets</p><p>interpersonal skills.</p><p>6. All human beings are inherently selfish. Bringing oneself to work for others credit</p><p>needs a lot of courage and unswerving commitment with the ultimate goal. Teamwork</p><p>does this catharsis to purge egoistic notions and inculcate a sense of selfless devotion.</p><p>It also promotes tolerance as in a team one cannot contribute anything if opposing</p><p>opinions of other team-mates are not entertained. It is interesting to note that it also</p><p>produces a quality of being a good listener, which is extremely valuable for bringing</p><p>something of value out of a discussion.</p><p>7. Teamwork also nurtures candor which means freedom from prejudice or malice,</p><p>unreserved, honest, or sincere expression: forthrightness. Candor occupies pivotal</p><p>place in making good collective decisions because only an objective and threadbare</p><p>analysis of all possible factors; albeit undesirable, can bring forth good decision. As</p><p>Benjamin Franklin said No body is thinking if everyone is thinking alike, so only</p><p>thinking heads can produce desired results in good teamwork.</p><p>8. Another key aspect of undertaking any team job is sense of ownership. Good</p><p>teams work together and everybody is part of the process in all phases of any project.</p><p>This generates ownership amongst team members not only of the successes, which is</p><p>easy to come by, but more importantly of the failures because as the clich goes;</p><p>success has many fathers but failure is orphan. Owning failures not only promotes</p><p>cohesiveness but also gives the team required strength to take stock and start again. It</p><p>is also noteworthy that an organizations achievements in the long-run are not</p><p>determined by its successes but how it manages its failures.</p><p>9. Finally, working in a team helps in developing great attitude which makes all the</p><p>difference when enormity of the task is staring right in the face and chips are badly</p><p>down. Rotten attitude ruins teamwork as it attacks the very base of good teamwork i.e.</p><p>cohesion. If one aspect stands out during the Staff Course at PNWC, it is Course</p></li><li><p>8/13/2019 Team Work - A key enabler</p><p> 3/3</p><p>Members ability to work as a team. If we can take along the essentials of teamwork, we</p><p>have done our job.</p><p>Lt Cdr Mudassar Khurshid</p></li></ul>


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