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<ul><li> 1. Christopher Manfredi- Team Leader Vedat Konyali- Project ManagerLigia Gramajo- Secretary Shaun Hulin- Presentation ManagerManish Pannala- Technology Manager Sorasaree Tonsiengsom- Document Manager03/02/12</li></ul> <p> 2. What We Mean 3. Christopher Great Orator- Facilitates meetings- Clearly states group goals and objectives- Keeps track of weekly deliverables Vedat- Our project Management veteran- Utilizes previous project management skills- Narrates details of the project to team- Clearly outlines project specifications 4. Fai-Facilitated completion of team charter-Outlines specifics of team evaluation forms-Kept work flow on track to achieve goals Manish Technology Leader-designed and implemented a virtual platform for our team to exchange files and information.-Developed foundation for group document sharing Ligia the litigator-Vital in editing and proofreading, minutes, meeting planning etc Shaun- Used marketing experience to facilitate presentation 5. Christopher E N T JExtraverted- 89%Intuitive- 31%Thinking- 38Judging- 67 Fai- ISTJIntroverted- 78%Sensing- 38%Thinking- 25%Judging- 56% 6. SHAUNMANISH 7. Manish- ISTJIntroverted- 44%Sensing- 12%Thinking- 1%Judging- 44% Vedat- ENFJExtroverted- 78%Intuitive- 50%Feeling- 12%Judging- 83% 8. Ligia INFJIntroverted- 11%Intuitive- 62%Feeling- 31%Judging- 67%Shaun ENFP Extroverted- 67%Intuitive- 50%Feeling-75%Perceiving-11% 9. Illuminate Team LeaderChristopher Manfredi- Former Military- Extremely Vocal- Energetic and Engaging 10. Illuminate SecretaryLigia Gramajo- Former Engineer- Dynamic Personality- Able to Handle Many Tasks 11. Illuminate Planning Manager Vedat Konyali- Former Project Manager- Detail-Oriented (Photographer)- Task Sensitive and Full of Ideas 12. Illuminate Presentation Manager Shaun Hulin- Working on Real Estate License- Likeable Demeanor/Easy GoingNature- Approachable and Earnest 13. Illuminate Document ManagerSorasaree (Fai) Tonsiengsom- Chemistry Background- Meticulous/Driven- Hardworking Mother/Student 14. Illuminate Technology Manager Manish Pannala- Information Security Student- Technically Proficient- Delivers Message Well 15. Analysis of Team Effectiveness 16. Leader Evaluations 17. Group Evaluations 18. Team Positives- Real feel for group involvement- Group members feel they can really expresstheir views- Consensus is very important part of team- Zero nitpicking and infighting in group 19. Team Improvements- Information not always forthcoming- Leader should focus on team resources better- Group needs more participation from allmembers- Still working harmony and cooperationamongst all members 20. - Dynamic group with many different Ideas from multiplebackgrounds- Roles were picked based on skills of members,Members still fitting into roles- Team has focused work ethic and desire to worktogether- Team needs to find better ways to give every one equalshare and voice- Illuminate can meet their challenges effectively, the realwork is gelling to make a dynamic team all the moresuccessful 21. 1. Project Overview1Project InitiationoProject Planning and Design Project ExecutionnProject ClosenConclusion 22. Project Description: New generation login solutionimproving security feature and decreasing usersload to remember username and passwords. 23. Project GoalsShort Term GoalsFind a suitable office location for software development project by March 10th2012Procure necessary technical and office equipment and hire staff for the softwaredesign and development by March 31st 2012.Long Term GoalsFinish software testing and get ready for the product launch advertising/planningby April 30th 2012.Contract with at least 5 Tier One Universities by May 15, 2012.Product launch by August 30, 2012. 24. Benefits of the projectFor SponsorAsthe number of companies adopting to this system increase demand increasesproportionally.Not only for organizations it can be extended to every personnel .For UsersIt decreases the load for users to remember the username and passwordsFor AdministratorsReduces user lockoutsImproves security for the machines and reduces hackingDecreases security loopholes 25. Conduct Feasibility Study. Prepare First Cut Work Plan. Get Sponsor Approval. 26. Prepare :N Budget.N Procurement Plan..Staffing Plan..Marketing Plan..Software Development Plan. 27. Project Execution WWW.illuminate.comProduct Launch 28. Project CloseEvaluation/Discussion and Improvement OpportunitiesA Project Close PartyProduct Launch Follow-Up 29. CONCLUSIONILLUMINATE New Generation Login Device:Allows costumers to have easy login access to the systemAffordable price of scanning devices allows large customer groupsProvides high reliable customer services and products to institutional customers</p>