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  • Team Andromeda Lucas Ibarra Alexis Sutker Evan Long Jack Oblack Jaevyn Faulk Dylan Anderson Devon Connor Eric Hardwick 2 October 2012
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  • Mission Statement Jaevyn Faulk Collect Ultraviolet Radiation Compare data we collect to past data on suns activity. Study how solar activity has changed throughout an eleven-year sunspot cycle and how it has changed recently. Using data from previous flights and the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) to find the change in activity of the sun.
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  • Mission Overview Devon Connor Increasing UV radiation. Hypothesize that UV radiation levels will be higher than in past years. Determine if radiation is increasing or not. Harmful effects on communication and life on Earth. Solar flare cycle
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  • Technical Overview Lucas Ibarra Sensors Six light to frequency converters UVB photodiode Positioned on 5 sides of the Balloon SAT TW30SX UV Photo Diode SFE Light to Frequency Converter
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  • Design Dylan Anderson Rigid Structure of Foam Core 15cm x 15cm x 15cm Two Cameras Arduino HOBO Data Logger Arduino Uno Heating System HOBO Data Logger Canon A78 Go Pro 9V Batteries
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  • Heater Block Switch 9V Battery UV Sensors Camera 1 (GoPro) Camera 2 (Canon A780) 9V Battery Accelerometer Temp Sensor (External) Temp Sensor (Internal) Switch Pressure SensorHumidity Sensor Altimeter 9V Battery Camera Battery MicroSD Card GoPro Battery GoPro Memeory Arduino Uno HOBO Datalogger Block Diagram Eric Hardwick
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  • Management Evan Long Evan Long - Integration Dylan Anderson - Structural Design Alexis Sutker - C&DH Filming Jaevyn Faulk - Science Lucas Ibarra - C&DH Eric Hardwick - Power & Data Collection Devon Connor - Power & Data Collection Jack Oblack - Budget Management
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  • Schedule Date:Schedule: 9.17.12Team Dinner Meeting @ Teds (730-930 pm) 9.19.12Meeting for Soldering Arduinos in ITLL (3-430pm) 9.21.12Meeting for Soldering Arduinos in ITLL (2-330pm) 9.24.12Meeting in ITTL Group Work Rooms (800-1030pm) 9.25.12Meeting in ITTL Group Work Rooms (1-245pm) 9.27.12Gateway to Space Free Class Period (930-1045am)` 9.27.12 Meeting in ITLL Group Work Rooms (2-400) (8- 1200pm) 9.28.12 Meeting in ITLL Group Work Rooms to Assemble Proposal (12-4pm) 9.28.12Proposal Due (4pm) 10.1.12Regular Team Meeting (8-10pm) for CoDR 10.2.12 CoDR Turn in and Presentation (930-1045) Review of CoDR 10.5.12HW 6 Due 10.5.12Parts list order form due (HW 5) TBDParts Arrive TBDIntegration Begins 10.8.12 Regular Team Meeting to discuss CDR topics (8- 10pm) 10.18.12 pCDR and Design Document Rev A/B Due (7am) Reviews of pCDR 10.22.12Regular Team Meeting for Assembly 10.23.12HW 7 Due 10.29.12Regular Team Meeting (8-10pm) for Flight Testing 11.1.12Mid Semester Evaluations Due 11.5.12Regular Team Meeting 11.12.12 Regular Team Meeting for Final Mission Simulation Preparedness 11.13.12In Class Mission Simulation 11.15.12Design Document Review Due (12pm(11.16.12)) 11.19.12Regular Team Meeting to check Final Assembly 11.27.12Launch Readiness Review 11.30.12Final BalloonSat Weigh in and TURN in (930-1045) 12.1.12Launch DAY (445-400pm) 12.11.12Final Hardware Turn In 12.11.12Final Presentations and Reports (6-900pm)
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  • Cost Overview Alexis Sutker Budget ItemCostWeight Structure$4.0090 g Hardware$27.39513g Cameras$148.98 + S&H371g Sensors$23.60 + S&H72g Dry Ice$12.004536g Total for BalloonSat 1046g
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  • Biggest Worries Jack Oblack Temperature (GoPro only good to -10 C) Programming correctly Sifting through all the UV frequencies after we retrieve data Getting everything done on time Integrating everything together properly