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    Teacher Tenure Reform Shooting for Stars Competency Clusters YL SIG Resources

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    1. Teacher Tenure Reform Almost all professions today lack the job protections that tenure provides for the civil

    service and higher education. As in K12 education, employee quality largely determines

    the quality of the civil service and higher education. To support strong organization

    performance, these sectors must attract good people despite relatively lower pay. Tenure

    thus provides a key benefit, lowering risk and thereby helping to attract high-quality

    candidates who could work elsewhere.

    In both, tenure or its functional equivalent is not a one-dimensional policy. Instead, the

    systems comprise several design elements that affect who receives tenure and what

    protections it affords, including:

    Time to tenure: the length of time required to become eligible for tenure

    Criteria to earn tenure: the standards an employee must meet to receive tenure

    Process for conferring tenure: the process by which eligible candidates are


    Tenure protections: the job security that tenure affords.

    Other career and reward opportunities: the other inducements that institutions use

    to encourage recruitment, retention, and high performance of top employees.

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    2. Key Design Elements of Tenure in k-12

    Since tenure policies differ across states, one cannot generalize fully about the design

    elements. In addition, many states are reviewing their tenure policies as this report goes to

    press. Still, the following description provides a high-level view of how tenure generally

    works in K12 education.

    Time to tenure. All 50 states mandate probationary periods before teachers are eligible to receive tenure (the District of Columbia does not). Thirty-four states

    mandate periods of three years; most other states range from one year to five. Only Indiana

    and Missouri require five-year probationary periods; Ohio requires seven. In Hawaii and

    Mississippi, teachers may receive tenure after only one year.

    Criteria to earn tenure. States and districts typically do not follow formal processes for making tenure decisions beyond mandating probationary periods

    before teachers become eligible. In most districts, continued service during the probationary

    period is the primary criterion for earning lifetime job protections. In 2007, for example, 98.7

    percent of New York City teachers eligible to receive tenure did receive it. Three states

    (Colorado, Delaware, and Rhode Island) and the District of Columbia now make evidence of

    student learning the preponderant criterion in tenure decisions. Process for conferring

    tenure. During each year of their probationary period, most teachers receive one or two

    formal evaluations by principals or other building-level administrators. The evaluations are

    not typically part of a formal tenure-granting process, however; after a teacher finishes her

    probationary period, tenure is the default. At most, school leaders consider whether

    teachers should be deemed ineligible for tenure.

    Tenure protections. Tenure protects teachers against arbitrary or unfair dismissal, which includes the processes required to attempt and complete a dismissal.

    State laws or collective bargaining agreements typically include three requirements:

    teachers right to notice of the reasons for dismissal, a hearing, and rights to appeal.37

    Most states specify incompetence or inadequate performance as grounds for dismissal,

    although these terms are typically not defined and lead to widely different interpretations

    during the dismissal process.

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    3. Key Strategies for Retaining High Performers Pay with Purpose Give High Performers Mountains to Climb Design Flexible and Challenging Work Roles Build Lasting Teams

    Pay with Purpose 1. Differentiate pay based on performance1. Differentiate pay based on performance1. Differentiate pay based on performance1. Differentiate pay based on performance

    How it works. When employees performance is not tied to compensation, high and low performers both tend to quit more frequently than their average performing peers. 2222. Provide competitive compensation and timely raises. Provide competitive compensation and timely raises. Provide competitive compensation and timely raises. Provide competitive compensation and timely raises

    How it works. Competitive compensation and timely raises act as carrots to attract and retain high performers. 3. Customize compensation3. Customize compensation3. Customize compensation3. Customize compensation

    How it works. Tailoring compensation packages to individual needs and desires increases an organizations ability to meet diverse preferences among its top employees, lowering the likelihood of voluntary departure.

    Customizing compensation packages may help organizations find winning combinations that encourage more high performers to stay.

    Give High Performers Mountains to Climb

    Achievement, recognition, advancement, and growth have long been regarded as keys to building and sustaining employee motivation. All employees are more likely to stay where they have opportunities to advance. High performers care more about advancement opportunities than low performers.

    Design Flexible and Challenging Work Roles

    High-performing employees who are challenged by their work are more likely to remain with an organization. Offer chOffer chOffer chOffer challenging workallenging workallenging workallenging work

    High performers stay where they have opportunities to shine . . . Tailor jobs to individualTailor jobs to individualTailor jobs to individualTailor jobs to individual----specific needsspecific needsspecific needsspecific needs

    Sculpting jobs can retain high performers. Customizing work assignments can also increase retention among high performers by

    aligning jobs with their interests, personalities, and passions.

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    Build Lasting Teams

    Once new employees are on board, researchers have found that high performers want to work with other high performers. Organizations that assign work in ways that maximize that interaction, therefore, are more likely to retain their top talent. 1. Increase retention through smart hiring1. Increase retention through smart hiring1. Increase retention through smart hiring1. Increase retention through smart hiring

    Organizations can increase retention by hiring candidates who are more likely to stay. Managing applicants expectations can lower turnover rates. Research suggests that

    retention can have a direct relationship to the employers communication during the hiring process about the organization and the job. Group high performers togetherGroup high performers togetherGroup high performers togetherGroup high performers together

    Grouping high performers together improves retention and performance. Stars perform better and are more likely to stay with their organization when they are surrounded by other high performers.

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    4Singapores Teaching Competency Clusters Cultivate Knowledge Working with Others Knowing Self and Others Winning Hearts and Minds

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    5. The World's Best Beginning Spelling Program!

    ClickN SPELL is a research based spelling program for PreK through 5th grade that teaches the

    800 most commonly used words in the English language. The program may also be used as an

    intervention curriculum for struggling spellers regardless of age or grade level.



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