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  1. 1. Nellie Deutsch, Ed. D Education Leadership Curriculum and Instruction Instructor Experiences in Implementing Technology in Blended Leaning Courses in Higher Education
  2. 2. Canadian education technology and curriculum consultant and speaker Advocate of transformative learning through technology and teaching as way to learn Experienced in educational technology and blended learning Develop online professional development courses (MOOCs & Webinars) Community builder and mentor to educators worldwide Nellie Deutsch (Ed.D)
  3. 3. Teach to Teach with Technology Technology may facilitate instruction and learning, but whos doing the learning? In many cases, teachers are more active in the classroom than the students. Teaching certainly provides many opportunities to learn. Why not flip the classroom by allowing students to do the teaching? In this session, participants will use their smartphones or mobile devices to create a short multi-media presentation with Movenote and Evernote.
  4. 4. Changing Direction Change interpretations of reality (Wilson, 2011) Script Redirect Change
  5. 5. Changing Narratives Self- enhancing Self- defeating
  6. 6. Instructions Take out your smart phone. Get Movenote app Get Evernote app Turn to the person next to you for help in uploading the apps Get your camera ready Take shots during the session
  7. 7. Teach As a Way to Learn Information is no longer at the hands of the select few. Learners are finally independent of the teacher and school, or are they? What will they do with the information?
  8. 8. "Were at the point where the Internet pretty much supplies everything we need. We dont really need teachers in the same way anymore" (Godsey, 2015, para 3). Let Them Teach
  9. 9. Organize MOOCs offer badges and certificates to participants who create tutorials that demonstrate active learning by teaching as a way to learn using screencast-o-matic, Movenote, Evernote, and eMaze. Let Them Teach
  10. 10. Let Them Teach
  11. 11. Present Let Them Teach
  12. 12. Prepare Let Them Teach
  13. 13. Learn Let Them Teach
  14. 14. Let Them Teach
  15. 15. Internet Smart phone/mobile devices Computer Microphone Blog Let Them Teach
  16. 16. Images Screen capture (smart phone/computer) Slides Movenote (mic) SlideSpeech (text to voice/slide notes) Screencast-o-matic (record screen) Plotagon (text to voice) Evernote (voice and capture images) Let Them Teach
  17. 17. Let Them Teach
  18. 18. Partners of Learning
  19. 19. Let Them Teach
  20. 20. Let Them Teach
  21. 21. Let Them Teach
  22. 22. Let Them Teach
  23. 23. Motivate with a Badge
  24. 24. Motivate with a Badge Teach 2 Teach with Technology
  25. 25. Godsey, M. (2015, March 25). The deconstruction of the K-12 teacher: When kids can get their lessons from the Internet, what's left for the classroom instructors to do? The Atlantic. Retrieved from http://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/201 5/03/the-deconstruction-of-the-k-12- teacher/388631/?fb_ref=Default Wilson, T. D. (2011). Redirect: Changing stories we live by. London: Penguin. References
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