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ContentsPage no: Introduction: 2 History of the company Introduction to Company Philosophy of the company Organizational Design: 6 Top Management Departmentalization Organisational Chart Production: 10 Product Portfolio Plant operation Quality Control Marketing: 20 4 Ps of Marketing Target customers Place: Distribution Network Promotion and advertising campaign: Competitors Exports Finance: 26 Sources of finance Personnel: 28 Strength of personnel department: Recruitment policy Training and Developments Swot Analysis: 31 Awards and Achievements: 33 Bibliography 35 Sources of Information: 37




History of the company

With blessings from Mahatma Gandhi, Sir Narandas Desai set foot on Indian soil in the year1982. After gaining experience in tea business as an owner of tea garden in South Africa which then was mired in racial misgivings that made the continuity of his business a futile endeavor there. He started WaghBakri Tea Company in the year 1982, which then was represented by small company retail shop at Ahmadabad, Gujarat. Since then the growth of the endeavor has been phenomenal and presently WaghBakri Tea Company has an employee base of professional managers and skilled personals with ever increasing space for more, to tend to the expanding group enterprise in India and abroad. WaghBakri tea house markets various tea brands in loose leaf cartons and tea bags for tea lovers all over the globe the finest certified black teas from Darjeeling tea estates, Assam and Nilgiri. The company sells organic black and green tea for the health conscious.


Introduction to CompanyWaghBakri Company is a family owned tea business amongst conglomerates and mega corps that tower the International business scenario all over the world. WaghBakri house is one of the largest tea producers and sellers in India today. The group is making leading strides in tea exports and ships in bulk and retail consumer packing to countries all over the world. Its outstanding performance is credited to excellence in management and a spirit that results into a quantum jump in annual growth in face of stifling competition and cut throat scenario that dominates the tea industry today.


Philosophy of the companySir Narandas Desai, our founder, believed that his Company was not just about tea, but more a confluence of his values and beliefs. Wagh- Of the strong and the meek Bakri- Of co-existence and harmony. To make Tea a common denominator that overrides differences of caste, creed, culture or color. The same beliefs are reflected in out Corporate Philosophy even today.

Build long lasting relationships through trust and fair play towards all stakeholders. Is result oriented. Contribute positively. Be progressive and lead from the front. Change with the times. Be socially responsible. Return to the society a share of the gains from commercial enterprise.


Organizational Design


When two or more persons work together towards a common goal, authority and responsibility are allocated among them so that their efforts may become effective. This is the task of organizing. It is known as designing of organizational structure.

Top ManagementTop management consists of those executives who have the authority to take the important policy decision. Top management is referred to as top level or highest level or director level. It is made up of the board of directors, managing directors and the other key officers. Top management is found invariably in all types of business organization. It is made up of the owner himself in the individual proprietorship, active partner in the partnership, firm and director and chief executive in a joint stock company. The managing committee is treated as top-management in co-operative society. At the top level management, there is more of management than administration. The degree of the success of the business unit mainly depends on the degree of efficiency of its top level management. The WaghBakri group is led by Mr. Piyush O. Desai, a highly regarded tea expert and tea taster, with rich experience in the tea business. He plays an active role in the tea industry by being an involved member and leader of various tea associations. He was the Chairman of Federation of Tea Traders Association (FAITTA) of India during the years 1998-2002. Mr. Desai is also strongly committed to philanthropic cause and regularly contributes to the society. Supporting him are Mr. Pankaj R. Desai, Managing Director - Finance and Mr. Rasesh R. Desai, Managing Director - Marketing. Mr. Pankaj R. Desai has won WaghBakri a respectable, profitable and committed standing in the financial community. An able tea taster himself, he has over 30 years experience in the tea industry. Mr. Rasesh R. Desai has created a formidable Marketing network that is enviable even among multinationals. Our systems have been a source of emulation for many companies. It also attracts attention as a case study in premier business schools of India. Mr. Parag Desai and Mr. Paras Desai, management graduates from prestigious business schools in United States, are hands-on contributors among the fourth generation of management. Mr. Harish Parekh, Ex-Chairman of J. Thomas Company and a veteran tea professional, is on the Board of Directors. Mr. M.P. Shah, Management Consultant from Mumbai is also part of management team.


DepartmentalizationMeaning: Departmentalization is the process of grouping activities into unit for purposes of administration. With the help of departmentalization, an organization can take the advantage of specialization. Various activities can be grouped into departments on following several basis; Functions Customers Products Regions Time Process Combined base

Among the above mention basic, function is the most popular basis of departmentalization. The enterprise is divided into the departments on the basis of functions like production, sales, personnel, finance, etc.

From a one man Company to over four hundred employees, the WaghBakri Group is today a large family. While a strong sense of family bonding overrides the organization, professionalism is encouraged by including experts in the team from various fields. The work environment extends adequate freedom for creative and positive contributions to the organization and society. In the same light while forging ahead to aggressively tap the packaged food industry, WaghBakri welcomes talented human resource to share and nurture its success. At the same time, we are proud to avoid typical large organizations ills like bureaucracy and high overheads.


Organisational Chart

Top Management

Production Department

Finance Department

Human Resource Department

Marketing Department

Research & Development

Quality Control




IntroductionProduction is regarded as the most important economic activity in the present day world economy. Production is apart of the business activity. Production is the preliminary objectives of business. From the society point of new products is of most important because without production it is impossible to satisfy human needs and desires. Production takes place when something gifted by nature is transported into a useful product. In other words Production is defined as creation of activity. Business of every kind has production function in greater or lesser degree. Several types of company in particular industry have to do with production. Production is creation of goods and services but the manufacturing mining, farming, fishing of manufacture is the most direct concern with production manufacturing changes the form utilizing the goods.

Plant locationWhen the promoters of an industry take a conscious decision regarding the site of the industry, it is called location of industry. Location has a very great influence on productivity, efficiency and profitability of the particular industrial unit. The plant base is at Dholka in a impressive spread of 65000 yards with a modern Processing plant and state of art blending and packaging unit that conforms to International norms in processing, blending and packaging of the finest tea for worldwide consumption


Product PortfolioWhat is Tea (Camellia Sinensis)?Tea, as you popularly know it, or Camellia Sinensis -- the plant credited with beginning a million refreshing mornings. Taste is its character. Aroma its identity. Color its personality. And flavors its ultimate differentiation. A tea plant is sensitive to its soil and atmosphere. So much so, that its very flavour and taste could vary within a single estate and from one day to another. Only the discerning sense of a seasoned tea taster can distinguish what are similar looking tea granules to an untrained eye. WaghBakri tea house dates to the 19th century and is one of the oldest hot tea brands in India. Seth Narandas a pioneer in tea growing, and blending entered tea business in India in year eighteen ninety two. Since then the tea company has grown four fold and is one of the largest tea producer and exporter from Indian sub continent. On strength of entrepreneurship he mastered the art of blending finest organic green tea leaves which undergo less oxidation and for the warm full bodied flavor, aroma and special taste black tea. Sir Narandas added wide range of high quality premium teas to buy online of many fine varieties as oolong, red and white tea for the benefit of tea lovers all over world. WaghBakri Organic Tea delivers optimum health benefit.


WaghBakri offers a basket full of brands for different need groups and price segments.

Good MorningTrue to its name, Good Morning is a blend of premium Assam CTC tea and traces of orthodox tea which is