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<ul><li><p>Tchaikovsky Chamber Orchestra FRIENDSOF Lazar Gosman, MUsic Director </p><p>Saturday, April 20, 1991, 8:00 p.m. CHAMBER Faye Spanos Concert: Hall University of the Pacific </p><p>Stockton, California MUSIC Program </p><p>Divertimento in D major, K. 1Alle$fD Andante Presto </p><p>36 W0lfgang Amadeus Mozat't </p><p>"Nigun" Lazar Gosman, violin </p><p>Ernest BlOO1 </p><p>Moz Art a la Haydn for 2 violins. 2 small string obass and condultDr </p><p>rchestras, Alfred &amp;:hnittke </p><p>I.M Gosman, first violin Yuri Voc!ovoz, St':Cond violin </p><p>- lntemlirsinn </p><p>Serenade for strin,s.,rs in C major, Op. 48 Peter Ilich Tchaiko~ky Pena in forma di Sonatina Vabe.: Moderato, tempo'lli Valse lilegy: Lu-,gblttto ElegiacQ Finale: (T0lla Russo) Andante. Allegro con spirito </p><p> * </p><p>Rer.Qrdlng$: CBS MasterwOllks, Musical Heritag.e Society Upcoming reool1dtn.!!: Koch International Ret.'Ul4s </p><p>Management: Herbert Barrett Management 1776 Broadway, Suite 1800 </p><p>ew York NY 10019 </p></li><li><p>Tchaikoysky Chamber Orchestra LrLar GOsman, Mm;it: Director </p><p>Violin I </p><p> r Gosmm. concertmaster Meta Tenen.ballm Mi~cha Parkhamo,,'sky Rui Tung Wang </p><p>Violin II </p><p>Y uri Vodovoz., principal Alex Scbllimeistet' Alex Tenenb3Llm </p><p>Viola Leslie Tomkins, principal Leu Li Zhou </p><p>Cello Dya Levitin, principal Heidi Hoffman </p><p>Bass </p><p>Roger Wagner </p><p>Friends of C am~r Music is pl~~~'lC1 to I:llnclude its 19~O-91 seasol1 thl;'ve:njn~ with the {ldaved Stockton lkhm oi the TdJ.aiko~skv Chamber thLhr~a. Til On:h sIn had been 'let to open the fOC 1989-90 SMQtl, in tandem with a concert III San Francisco, but had to cancel both dates clue to the Bay Area earthquake. TIle 12-membe.r m:semble is makin,E: select cst Coast appear nees on its current American tour -after Icuring for the past yc'ar in .Israel, Canada, Holland, Frao~l' and rwke ill the Unitr't1 States. The On. estra'5 musicians and soloists (dlrec fo tonight's cOlleen) perform under rhe- direction of GomllUl, leader of the eflSemhle Sltlt'e its debut season ht:g.m 11 -,ears ~go with New y ru:k con(;('l't~ in GJ,rnagie HILII iUld A ery Fishl'f Hall at Linroln Cl-1ltCr. Led by Mat\-;tro Gosrrum frulTl the conccnmaster's dl ir, the ordwstrllllerfornlS works by m,anJ composers, trom Hadl lo Viv~ldl to Sh(~akovicl1land. Rarhur. GoS1lJ,lln wa multic c\ire9:or of the Leningrad Chamher Orchbtra fer 17 y ar~. OuriJ1g iL~ crebm sca:&gt;</p></li><li><p>J\1.or;artiofl1!JJ. "The first movement is in the style of It 3 intended to be an in~itlitlt)1l ~ I.'Joould be delighted if 1 tltnllJJht that r had in any wa; approached my mQ~L" 11liS WQ1'k. 1l.11l$t be a tribute to We spiritul;l! !Uti ity .".I:ticll Tchaikovsk.y felt ror Mozart. Both. led difficuh, short lit'S, and 00 11 (oP\pt.lSe!'S wrote joyous and exuml1lrlt nm.\'it from the ~dJs of their experi~tKl" TIlt' elt'.glU;lce and grace of the wotks' of these two compt'Se!s on tonight'. pl"(l~am reveals thei,r kindred sP4jts, A:t+~',~h T ;haikov~ky depr~awd m:Uly of his fila,c;terpieces, he wrote to hi Pllrt'lnt front Kiev in 1880, " .. .I bJl,~e wt'ittun the Serenade {)n impuhc. I fl'1l it dt-cply from ,~tan to finish, It i-s tb ~ thing I 11. written." The first pedormaru.'e was rt't'civdd elilhusiastically at the Mo~"Ow C[Jns~'\la ry in 188(1. A grand chorale-like theme intrO(\IW(~i; ~he Serenad~ retums toward tht- r.nd of the movement, and is heard once llWre in the FUlale. An etlet'getU: jml!ing melody and a l~hter S(:('()Jld theme make up the body elf the A11 gto Moderato. The secpnd movement. V 15</p></li><li><p>Friends of Chamber, Music Board of Directors </p><p>OIIicers </p><p>'Ji'r~i1k DIck. "l!stdl!"1tt Mary GltaDWcrlauL. V"lClk Pfssidiml Mary ]'TI!\P.l1, Treasurer Betty Bec~er, &amp;crel</p></li></ul>