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  1. 1. Enables disabled people to discover the World
  2. 2. An Airbnb for people with Physical disabilities Teo Archambeaud 10 years Muscle disease
  3. 3. Key facts and milestones Nov 2014 Jan 2015 March May/June July/Aug Dec Events Selected by IMPACT Invest Scandinavia (part of Toniic) 2nd Harvard New Venture Comp. Europe Scale program ImpactHub Europe Fundings Crowfunding launched Funding closed $65.000 Overfunded 117% Almi Innovation Loan $ 65000 Seed round $ 1M Site Beta Launch Launch Swe +UK Fr+Spain US Listings Identify 1000 objects Identify 5000 Listed 50 Identied 10 Listed 300 3000 Listings FB likes 10 reached Goal: 20 Goal 50 Goal:200 Bookings 70 1000
  4. 4. Market Opportunity People with physical disabilities, much more than a niche: >over 10% of the population* travelling together with at least 1 or more family members, assistant or/and friends growing as population ages growth to be achieved by Inspiring to Travel * USA: Percent of adults with any physical functioning difculty: 15.0% US NHI Survey 2012 France: 7,7 millions with a physical disability (13,5% of the population) France HID1999
  5. 5. Todays problem Accessibility issues not in focus with the big players: Fragmented: Some small players with few accommodations, generally depressingly amateurish sites, and often geographically narrow Homeaway, Airbnb etc: At best a search for Handicap/accessible But different meanings
  6. 6. Handiscover Uniqueness: we categorise listings Quality Assurance: Algorithm driven classication Mandatory pictures You sit in a wheelchair that can only handle small thresholds You probably sit in a regular wheelchair and can handle one step at a time You can walk short distances and can handle a few stairs. On-going Reviews &feedbacks Certication through Ambassadors
  7. 7. New Site: Official Launch 31st March
  8. 8. Business Model Guest Fee: 6-10 % fee, added to the cost of the Accommodation Fee Host Fee: 3-5% fee, collect from the the Accommodation Fee Transaction fee model*: * Benchmark,AirBnb takes 3% in Host Fee and 6-12% Guest Fee Free of charge listings
  9. 9. Content Strategy Focus on Top Tourist cities New York Miami London Paris Stockholm Copenhagen Cape Town Sidney Berlin Rome Hong Kong Bangkok and Top Vacation Destinations for Targeted countries Swedish Westcoast England South coast Canaries South Spain Mallorca Biarritz/Nice Thailand South Africa/Safari Partnerships with key Local players
  10. 10. Consumer Strategy Strong communities enables cost effective marketing in social media. Using strategic local partnerships with key stakeholders e-marketing expertise: Achieving record results with Fb Brand Ambassadors: Discussions with Sports icons Thomas Fogd (Skiing, Swe) Skiing accident World slalom cup winner Mike Coots Shark Bite Pro surfer 3500 101 000 2300 91% conversion rate
  11. 11. Fast Growth of Transactions 0 75000 150000 225000 300000 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2019 estimates would represent 2% share of current HomeAway+ AirBnb sales* 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Turnover Million $ 0,15 0,6 2,3 6 10,6 * estimate by Handiscover Jan 15 Swe+UK France USA ARPU: $ 430 ARPU Airbnb*: $500 * estimates by Handiscover & Business Insiders (http://www.businessinsider.com/airbnb-billion-revenues-2013-1?IR=T) Open source scalable IT platform ready for growth!
  12. 12. Capital Requirements Jan 2015: $65 000 secured through Crowdcube (25 investors in 7 countries) Q3 2015: $0,7-1 Million to nance international launch Priorities: Building international Team Developing the community Scaling up IT capacity 16% 30% 36% 10% 8% Mkg Sales & ambassadors Staff IT diverse
  13. 13. The Team Sebastien Archambeaud: Founder and CEO MSc. FMCG specialist (European Mkg Dir LOral ), Unilever, entrepreneur. Former CEO of MrBid (now eBay Sweden). Son with a Muscle disease Bo Ekelund: Chairman of the Board and Senior Advisor Various International executive positions in Ericsson. Management Consultant since 2006. HBS Alumni. Jakob Vendle: Marketing Silicon Valley marketing veteran. MBA Hawaii Pacic University Founder of Silicon Vikings Stockholm Chapter and CEO of DigitalResurs, a social media network, employing professionals with physical disabilities. Wheelchair bound Unborn Creations, Prince Talhaoui: Web design Winner of Young Swedish Company award 2014 Advisors Per Skldbck: Svensk Hjlte 2012 (Swedish Hero 2012) for his work with children with physical disabilities. Wheelchair bound Bjrn Person: Accessibility ambassador, founder of a mentoring program for children with disabilities.
  14. 14. Dream Book Enjoy Get Inspired to travel Find an accommodation adapted to your level of mobility Discover the world Building the 1st global community for people with physical disabilities