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"Wildlife Works Carbon - a unique growth investment in stopping deforestation, protecting biodiversity and mitigating climate change" Wildlife Works Carbon (WWC) was founded in 2009 explicitly to pursue a market based solution to stopping deforestation and curbing climate change, known as REDD+. WWC protects threatened forests by getting forest communities and governments to agree to stop deforesting in return for investments that allow them to pursue a green development path. WWC’s field teams work closely with local communities to help them leverage our investments to create forest friendly jobs, to improve their agricultural output, to develop non-forest fuel sources, and to dramatically improve access to health and education. WWC earns millions of tons of Verified Emission Reductions(VERs) for successfully stopping deforestation, and these VERs are then sold internationally to produce a return on our investments. TBLI CONFERENCE™ NORDIC 2014 Our first ESG & Impact Investing conference in the Nordic region, hosted by the BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo. For 2 days, the conference offered a platform to learn about current trends in sustainable investing and CSR in the Nordic region – and ample opportunity to find new business partners. Unique to this event, selected entrepreneurs have been invited to present their innovative green technology and climate change related projects to the investor community.


  • 1. Mitigating Climate Change by ProtectingThreatened ForestsThe Worlds Leading REDD+Project Development CompanyThis is an opportunity to use the power of the globalcarbon marketplace to preserve some of the mostspectacular primary forests on the planet, preservingentire ecosystems full of magnificent biodiversity,while working closely to enhance the way of life offorest communities and to make money doing it.Mike Korchinsky, Co-Founder and President of WWCAugust 2014 2014 - Wildlife Works Carbon, LLC. 1

2. Our business provides green developmentto forest communities and stopsdeforestation like this from happening.Vast deforestation happened in this area of Kenya as aresult of slash and burn agriculture. 2014 - Wildlife Works Carbon, LLC. 2 3. Table of ContentsInvestment SnapshotFavorable market positioningAttractive business modelBest-In-Class REDD+ emission reduction protocolLarge market opportunitySignificant barriers to entryStrong, profitable growthProven management teamGlobal Project Impact Separate Presentation123456789 2014 - Wildlife Works Carbon, LLC. 3 4. The UN has determined we need to reduce emissions 17B tons per year by 2020 toavoid catastrophic climate change. The deforestation of 30M acres every year causes 7B tons of GHG emissions, 15% ofannual global GHG emissions more than the global transportation sector. Deforestationhas other devastating impacts such as endangering biodiversity and reducing fresh watersupply. The UN mechanism Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation(REDD+) stopsdeforestation by providing real economic alternatives to forest communities. The UN has a goal to achieve 1B tons per year of emission reductions from REDD+programs by 2020#1 Global Leaders from both public and private sectors arecommitted to support this goal Wildlife Works is the leading REDD+ project developmentcompany in the world today. 2014 - Wildlife Works Carbon, LLC. 4Wildlife Works Voted 2013Best REDD+ (Forest)Project DeveloperInvestment SnapshotThe Market Opportunity 5. Investment SnapshotKey Financial HighlightsRevenues EBITDAConservation Annual Metric Tons Emission Reductions Hectares Under Management 2014 - Wildlife Works Carbon, LLC. 5 6. REDD+ BY WILDLIFE WORKSTRANSFORMATIVE RURAL GREEN DEVELOPMENT 2014 - Wildlife Works Carbon, LLC. 6Wildlife Works REDD+ Projects addresslocal, regional and national GreenDevelopment Goals to serveinternational climate mitigationobjectives.!!Wildlife Works REDD+ Projects addressdrivers of deforestation by investing in 6dimensions of green development:!!1.Food!2.Education!3.Health!4.Job Creation!5.Energy!6.Infrastructure or Housing!!!!!!! 2014 Wildlife Works 7. REDD+ BY WILDLIFE WORKSTRANSFORMATIVE RURAL GREEN DEVELOPMENT 2014 Wildlife Works 2014 - Wildlife Works Carbon, LLC. 7Wildlife Works has a worldwideportfolio of best-in-class Projects andProspects that have !!1. Social Impacts2. Biodiversity Impacts3. National Significance4. Global Significance!And are of Strategic Importance toWildlife Works!!!!! 2014 Wildlife Works 8. KENYA - Kasigau Corridor REDD+ Project 20 1240 1- 4W Wildilldifleif eW oWrkosr kCsarbon, LLC. 8 9. Large Market OpportunityTARGET CUSTOMERS Private SectorCorporations$1B+ revenues !Offsetting or are considering offsetting!Disclose emissions!- The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) had 4112 participants in 2012!- Public corporations in the United Kingdom are required to disclose their emissions!Exhibit responsible environmental practices and good corporate citizenship ! !There are several thousand qualified buyer prospects with the capacity to purchaseREDD+ VERs in volume ranges of 50k-1M tons annually. 2014 - Wildlife Works Carbon, LLC. 9 10. Large Market OpportunityCURRENT CUSTOMERSWildlife Works established the market for REDD+ VERs. Our early customers are some ofthe world's leading corporations who are offsetting their carbon footprint. !*Allianz and Kering are customers aswell as equity investors. ! 2014 - Wildlife Works Carbon, LLC. 10 11. Investment SnapshotEXAMPLE REDD+ PROJECT: KASIGAU CORRIDOR, KENYA Area: 425,000 acres WWC Initial Investment: $2 MM Project Validation Date: 2011 Yield: 1,200,000 VERs per year Revenue Generated:2011: $ 1.1M2012: $ 3.3M2013: $ 2.6M2014 YTD Q3: $ 4.9M Residual Revenue Potential:28 years of VERs @ $6 = $201,600,000 Forward Contracted Revenue: BNPParibas, La Poste and Kering Customers include Microsoft, Barclays,Coca Cola, Afren, Audi!Endangered Wildlife Protected: Africanelephants, cheetah, lion, African wild dog,Grevys zebra!Community Impact: 100,000 communitymembers benefit from carbon revenues 2014 - Wildlife Works Carbon, LLC. 11 12. EXAMPLE REDD+ PROJECT: LAC MAI NDOMBE, DR CONGO Area: 684,000 Acres WWC Initial Investment: $3.4 MM Project Validation Date: December 2012 Yield: 5,800,000 VERs per year averageover 30 years High Revenue Potential:30 years @ $6 per VER > $1B 2014 - Wildlife Works Carbon, LLC. 12! Community Impact: Population of50,000 economically benefit! Wildlife Protected: Bonobos (slenderchimpanzee), forest elephant!!Investment Snapshot 13. Investment SnapshotProposed FinancingWe are Raising $15M in corporate equity and $25-35M in project financingto allow us to grow our successful REDD+ forest conservation business Wildlife Works Carbon REDD+ projects generate highly desirable, charismaticVerified Emission Reductions (VERs) by protecting threatened forests- We have 3 operating projects- Produce 7M VERs per year for 30 years (valued at $42M+ annually)- Protect 500,000 hectares of threatened forest- 15 projects to be developed or acquired will generate 35M VERsannually by 2020 (most of which are already in our pipeline)- Each project produces VERs annually for 30 years unsold VERs neverexpire- Low investment requirement per project ($1.5M-$5M)- Very attractive IRRs due to low project development and operating costs,long term residual cash streams We sell our VERs to Major corporations and governments worldwide to reducetheir effective carbon footprint and mitigate climate change 2014 - Wildlife Works Carbon, LLC. 13 14. An ExtraordinaryImpact InvestmentMichael KorchinskyCo-Founder & PresidentWildlife Works Carbon, LLCT: +1 (415) 332-8081E: mike@wildlifeworks.com 2014 - Wildlife Works Carbon, LLC. 14Slide 14