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1. Aligning Impact with Business Model for Capital Reward Yuwei Shi 2. the game is to enable the capital markets understand a companys strategy, align their models with business performance and make efficient and forward-looking investment Michael Bray Chair, Energy & Natural Resources KPMG Investing with a gender lens is about creating a new economic logic that bridges the market logic of financial returns with the feminist logic of womens equality. Jackie VanderBrug SVP & Investment Strategist U.S. Trust ASPIRATIONS 3. FRUSTRATIONS Annual reports divorced from the time horizon and information requirements of capital markets Impact or sustainability reports seldom demonstrating business value creation, and not designed for capital markets Some of the intangible factors are explained within financial statements, but many are not. 4. IIRC FRAMEWORK: THE VALUE CREATION PROCESS 5. Customer Activity Resource Relationship Economic Logic 6. Stakeholders Activity Resource Relationship Economic Logic 7. What If We Treat Business Like A Social Network? 8. Description of Business Exchange Network Stakeholders Value Exchanges Carriers Values Resources & Capabilities Stakeholder-Exchange Configurations 9. Business to Network Performance Value Realization Bilateral exchange System-level exchange Focal-organization Financials Revenue Cost Profit Cash flow Risks Focal-organization position System-level outcome 10. Network Analysis Metrics Worth Reciprocity Altruism Endurance Status Autonomy Group gain Status consistency Status competition Uncertainty Business Model Design Monetization Cash Flows Probability of Survival Within-group Competition Ecosystem sustainability Cost of capital Financial Manufactured Intellectual Human Social Natural RAROC 11. Yuwei Shi, PhD Research Director Center for Social Impact Learning yshi@miis.edu | Skype: yuweishi