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1. IMPACT INVESTMENT IN INDONESIA TBLI conference 30/04/2015 A game changer for sustainable development 2. THE ECOREGION CONCEPT THIS IS WHAT WE DO Create South East Asias largest platform for sustainable development and green investment Close cooperation with the Indonesian government to develop some of their most pristine locations for Eco-Tourism Access large tracts of government land and purchase private land around it Stipulate sustainable regulations Access national infrastructure funding Create multiple win-model with all government levels and the local people for long-term protection and security 3. THE PLATFORM ASSOCIATED GREEN BUSINESSES 4. GREEN KEK THE GAME CHANGER An improved green version of the already existing legislation Kawasan Ekonomi Khusus Special Economic Zones The first pilot sites will be Tanjung Ringgit and Eight Islands EcoRegion Creates environmental protection for large tracts of land, as well as creating a platform for green investment Benefits - 99 year renewable land tenure - Fiscal benefits - Reduction on alcohol tax - Longer visa rights 5. EXISTING REGIONS ALAS STRAITS INDONESIAS NEW GREEN DESTINATION 343 ha within a 3,000 ha EcoRegion 380 ha within a 20,000 ha EcoRegion 6. Tanjung Ringgit EcoRegion at South East Lombok 7. Hosts one of the worlds few pink beaches 8. Coral reefs 5 meters off the beach 9. Masterplan for Tanjung Ringgit 10. Majestic ivory cliffs on the south coast 11. Eight Islands EcoRegion on a forest of coral 12. Untouched paradise beaches 13. Hillsides with amazing views 14. Master plan for Eight Islands 15. Within a 20,000 ha protected marine zone 16. OFFERED NEW REGIONS EXPANSION TO 3-5 NEW REGIONS Anambas Islands Lake Toba Raja Ampat Saumlaki Wakatobi Flores/ Komodo 17. 29 April 2015 Eco Regions Indonesia 17 Anambas Islands 280 km from Singapore 18. Raja Ampat the highest underwater biodiversity in the world 19. 29 April 2015 Eco Regions Indonesia 19 Lake Toba the worlds largest volcanic lake 20. VALUE CREATION OVER 10 YEARS IN 5 REGIONS 1.5+ billion USD based on Eco-Tourism - Holding of government land - Acquired private land - Revenue from off the plan sales of villas, apartments, commercial spaces - Creation of a long-term real estate portfolio Own resorts and rental are excluded as well as all associated green businesses Tanjung Ringgit EcoRegion 350 mUSD over 10 years of development and 5 000 tourist beds Eight Islands EcoRegion 150 mUSD over years of development and 5 000 tourist beds 21. INVESTMENT OFFERS THIS IS WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR 3-5 mUSD to speed up the development in the existing regions 15-20 mUSD for the expansion to new regions (purchase of private land) Partners for Eco-Tourism developments Partners for the associated green businesses energy, infrastructure, agriculture, fishery, wholesale etc. Friends that wants to build their own private villa in an EcoRegion 22. Sunrise over Eight Islands EcoRegion 23. www.ecoregions.co.id Contact Marie Eriksson Director Eco Regions International Pte. Ltd. Phone: +62 081 888 90 64 Mail: marie.eriksson@ecoregions.co.id Skype: marie_poab