taste, share and have fun: an experiment in procedural rhetoric

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  • 1. Taste, Share and Have Fun!An experiment in proceduralrhetoric

2. Federico FasceGentleman and game designer 3. A game should be fun! 4. divertre dal lat. DIVRTEREed anche DEVRTERE volgerealtrove, in direzione opposta,deviare, comp. dalla partic. DI(S)o DE da, che indica allontanamento e VRTERE Far prendere altra direzione 5. Fun Escapism 6. system me i sarateA gagene leto ghca p ab hr ou i on stale mo t ri tucyi na ag en pa ce. 2011 s F eder ico F asce 7. Gamers, Phillip Toledano, 2002 8. Dopamine 9. Jane Mc GonigalWhen were playing a game werehappier working hard than we arerelaxing or hanging out. 10. Mechanics Dynamics AestheticsMDA Framework, LeBlanc, Hunicke, Zubek, 2004 11. Mechanic is themessage. 12. Train, Brenda Brathwaite, 2009 13. ian BogostProcedural expression must entailsymbol manipulation, the constructionand interpretation of a symbolic systemthat governs human thought or action. 14. You get a cow. You can click on it.In six hours, you can click it again.Clicking earns you clicks.Cow Clicker, Ian Bogost, 2010 15. September 12th, Gonzalo Frasca, 2003 16. Way, Chris Bell, 2012 17. ream JobDs dreamjobs.urustar.net 18. Taste, share and have fun, Urustar, 2012 19. Music For no movies, Federico Fantuz, 2011 20. Thank you!Federico Fascefederico@urustar.net http://kurai.eu @kurai