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  • 1. 20.01.2014Jan Berghold, Lynn Hartmann, Melanie Hauser, Aline Seifert1

2. Gardetanz The Marschtanz : dance manner with various step combinations: Ballet-elements variations and always changing pictures. This is completed by acrobatic parts. The main emphasis lies here on the synchronic parts as well as the precision.The Mariechen- und Paartanz consist of the classic ballet completed by acrobatic parts besides the elements of the march dance from jump steps and dance steps. The playful presentation and the cheerful radiation are characteristic. 3. Gardetanz The Schautanz It is a mixture of all possible modern dance styles with the background of the march dance basic elements. In principle, exhibition dances always have a topic the chief attention lies on whose representation and underlays with suitable music. The outfits which are made especially for the respective dance may be just as various and original. Smaller properties or stage decorations are common at the exhibition dance. 4. Schuhplattlerformer partner dance performed by men only Its a traditional folk dance popular in the Alpine regions of Bavaria and Austria. 5. Street Dance The term "street dance" encompasses classic funk and b-boy styles (breakdancing and hiphop), club and house dance, MTV-style formation, vogueing and the explosive energy of krump. The result is a potent mix, and rhythm is its lifeblood. 6. Battle There are different battlesA lot of groups compare themThe biggest battle in Germany takes place in Braunschweig 7. Wiener Walzer Traditionalon Marriage Couple dance Invented in 1770 From Austria Society dance