talk is cheap, content is king. 10 ways to actually use facebook in your business

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This is a power point presentation about how to use Facebook in your business. This was originally given to the Facebook Group TechShare in Salem Oregon. From Oregon Marketing Group.


  • 1. Talk is Cheap,Content is King10 Ways to Actually Use Facebookin Your Business

2. Getting Started Personal Facebook account Facebook business page Getting likes/increasing numbers Posting content regally or regularly Cross promotion Using Facebook as your business page 3. What does your page say aboutyou? 4. Great Content with a Cause 5. One article or post can make adifference 6. Morning Email #1 7. Email #2 Report 8. Its All About...Connection &Engagement! 9. 1. Make Interesting andRelevant Status Updates Post updates that establish you as an authority Examples: Trend reports, things to do in the area, enrich the imaginationInformation on the Salem Underground would spark interest 10. 2. Let your PersonalityShine Through Use both your personaland business pages. It keeps you top of mindwith your friends 3:1 ratio of business poststo non-business posts(on business page) 4-6 business posts perweek max 10:1 ratio of personalposts to business post(on personal page) Be mindful of yourcomments 11. 3. Make Friending a Habit Send a friendrequest to eachnew contact youmake. Like other businesspages on yourpersonal page andbusiness page 12. 4. Reach out to FB Friends Like FB content from friends regularly. It will help you to come up on their news feeds more often Send a personal message to someone you dont know but liked or commented on your posts Birthdays! Send a message Add your contact info to each business message Tag posts and photos -- all their friends will see it! 13. 5. Integrate Facebook into your Existing Marketing Follow links from website Blog posts automatically coming over to FB Constant Contact /Newsletters Different lead Pictures. One for MLS, Email, FB. If the person wasnt attracted to one element of the home, they might be attracted to something else. 14. 6. Facebook Apps forRealtors 15. Social Connections App Free to use Large variety of functionalitybased on type of account Display agents listings Offer MLS searches Capture leads Local information Mobile Friendly 16. Zillow Apps Free to use Display listings andlocal information MLS searches Contact forms Client reviews 17. 7. Other Apps and Tools SlideShare app. You can take a powerpoint presentation and put it on FB. Tell the story of a local neighborhood you have a listing in. Facebook Events to help spread the word about open houses. Hold weekly podcasts with topics such as home staging, first-time home buying, mortgages, etc. Seek testimonials and recommendations to help increase referrals. 18. 8. Multimedia Content Publish photos of local areas and events and tag away. Publish photos in creative ways like Rosi has. Instead ofjust publishing a photo of two local homes decorated forthe holidays, put them side by side and have people voteon which they like better. Use FB videos and Youtube to show homes, local eventsneighborhoods, how to videos and more. 19. 9. Again, Creative andInnovative Updates! Facebook is not Direct Sales! Facebook is a relationship and brand building tool that can generate word of mouth marketing that leads to sales. Status update Ideas: Would you Rather? Publish two options related to things todo in a local area. Latest news: Update followers on road construction, newrestaurants, etc, Exclusive information: Ask the restaurant for their menu beforethey open and post it on your page. Local business Promotion: Talk about other local businessesnews and events, tag them and help each other out. 20. 10. Facebook Ads and Search You can type asubject or phraseinto Facebook andfilter the results. Targeted ads tofriends and thosewith specificinterests


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