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With shows like Geordie Shore, Bouncers and Underage and Over the Limit, its not hard for the younger generation of the north east to be perceived in a negative way. However, many youngsters are being thrown under this cloud of pessimism, when in fact they have a lot more to offer.Heres 10 of the north easts extremely talented, young individuals:

Talented Northerners

Kellsey Carling, 18, Sunderland

Kellsey has a dream of making it in the music industry in the next few years. She uploads videos of her covering songs to YouTube. She says that artists such as Ed Sheeran and Ella Henderson inspire her. Ive had emails from other Youtubers offering opportunities to further my career; one even mentioning an advert and competitions.

Connor Woods, 19, South Shields19 year old Connor was first taught to play guitar by his grandad and is now currently performing in theatre shows and doing occasional music gigs. Despite his talents, Connor is staying well away from TV talent shows as he feels they sap all the soul out of the medium, and churn out a pop star by design.He hopes to be busier with his work after Christmas.

Corey Foster, 21, Washington Coreys ambition is to become a renowned music video director. After creating three music videos so far, mainly for local Rap artists, he said he knew what he wanted to do from the moment he picked up a camera. He is inspired by Collin Tilley and Alex Nazario. He also dedicates a lot of time to space photography.

Matt Caulfield, 21, Sunderland Matt has many talents, a few of which being rowing, flying planes and he is also a rowing coach for a group of girls. He got tired of being a swimmer, so was persuading to begin rowing by his coach. In the future, he wants to continue rowing as it is something he is passionate about, but would love fly professionally either in civil or military.

Diane Cameron, 20, Seaham

Diane has been dancing since her Mam took her to a dance class at just 18 months old. After being diagnosed with Kawasaki disease, she was told to give up dancing, but decided to continue. She was given the all clear and is now competing in many competitions and raising money for charity through dancing.

Myles Demidio, 20, GatesheadMyles is currently in his final year of university, studying to be a 3D modeler. In the near future, he wishes to be a freelance modeler with the hope of having an extensive portfolio. What inspired was the sheer marvel of watching animation films like Toy Story and Monsters Inc. He modestly believes that his talent is intermediate at the minute but intends to work hard to improve.

Luke Bramley, 19, SunderlandAfter joining a university in Hull, Luke decided to take up rowing. Being a naturally sporty person, partaking in sports like tennis, rugby and running, Luke is always improving on his rowing, but hopes to develop a sound rowing technique. He is currently working hard to improve his technique and fitness but is soon to partake in his first water rowing race in December.

Chris J. Allan, 25, NewcastleAt just 25, he acts and directs films, as well as taking his love further by persuing a career in teaching Media and Film Studies. He wants to expand in the teaching element and teach media at GCSE level. Now, he is working on building up his portfolio by doing more practical production work. .

Scott Noble, 19, SunderlandScott aspires to become a successful musician and producer in the UK. He started drumming as he idolized the image that was being portrayed by other drummers during live performances. His main inspiration is Lars Ulrich from Metallica because of his passion and skills.

Tonys main ambition is to write a good song and to play it live. After being influenced by his older brother, and by looking up to artists like Green Day, he said he has been taught not to care what anybody else thinks. He enjoys creating music as he gets to express his thoughts and feelings through a song.

Tony Rose, 22, Sunderland