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  • Systematic Investment Plan(Its Never Too Late To Invest)

  • Why SIP?Despite there being patches when the investments go under water, the case for Systematic Investing is still compelling and remains the best way to participate in the Equity markets.

    Features of SIP:

    Light on the wallet.A specific amount is invested for a continuous period at regular intervals under this plan.SIP is similar to a regular saving scheme like a recurring deposit. It is a method of investing a fixed sum regularly in a mutual fundSIP allows the investor to buy units on a given date every month. The investor decides the amount and also the mutual fund scheme While the investor's investment remains the same, more number of units can be bought in a declining market and less number of units in a rising marketThe investor automatically participates in the market swings once the option for SIP is made

  • Benefits of SIPSaving a small sum of money regularly at an early age makes money work with greater power of compounding with significant impact on wealth accumulation.

    SIP helps in averaging cost of acquiring units

    It is very convenient. SIP can be operated by simply providing post dated cheques with the completed enrolment form or give ECS instructions. The cheques can be banked on the specified dates and the units credited into the investor's account.

    It helps in creating wealth over a longer time period.

    It makes investor disciplined in their savings.

  • Example: Reliance Growth FundInception: 8-Oct-1995Amt of SIP: Rs.1000 Per MonthTotal Months : 232 (Till 24-Mar-2015)Total Investment Value: Rs.232000Value of Investment: Rs.47,35,240.00Annualised Returns: 26.60 %Annualised Returns of Index: 14.15 %

  • PortfolioSelecting well-performing funds with high ratings is the first step towards successful investing

  • Performance* NAV as on 24-MAR-15 Returns

    SchemeNAVRs1 Yr3 Yrs5 Yrs10 Yrs15 YrsSinceInceptionDSP BlackRock Top 100 Equity160.8318.3822.1015.7215.40-18.74HDFC Mid-Cap Opp Fund36.53138.5941.1528.71--25.29ICICI Pru Discovery Fund114.6941.4233.4224.2323.35-23.61Reliance Equity Opp Fund74.67332.1333.7023.2120.82-20.82

  • Performance* NAV as on 29-Sep-14 Returns & Valuations

    Scheme1 Yr3 Yrs5 Yrs10 Yrs15 YrsSince InceptionInv Rs.Value Rs.Inv Rs.Value Rs.Inv Rs.Value Rs.Inv Rs.Value Rs.Inv Rs.Value Rs.Inv Rs.Value Rs.DSP BlackRock Top 100 120001312836000495506000088709120000268254144000481408HDFC Mid-Cap Opp 120001430736000636406000012121093000253189ICICI Pru Discovery 1200014468360006506460000123267120000411555127000479798Reliance Equity Opp 1200013936360005763860000108980120000359086120000359086

  • Asset Allocation

  • Capitalisation

    Portfolio Style Break UpRank Percentage (%)Giant28.97Large Cap18.27Mid Cap42.64Small Cap10.12Not Classified0.00

  • Equity Style Box

  • Sector Allocation

  • Stock Allocation

  • SIP of Rs.5000 p.m.


    SIP Period(Yrs)Total Investment121518205 300000 408348 442872 481073 50879110 600000 1150193 1376000 1656000 188047615 900000 2497900 3342533 4528122 5578499201200000 4946000 7486000 11544000 15548259Monthly Income(ROI @ 8% p.a.) 32973 49907 76960 103655

  • SIP is a Good way to Invest to achieve Financial goal such as Marriage or Education of Children's, Wealthy Retirement and many more.

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