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Syrtaki - ESWC SSchool 14 - Student project


  • 1. Surtaki - SyrtakiGroup n. 7: Ignacio Traverso, Elena Gonzlez-Blanco,Sebastien Ballesteros, Abduladem Aljamel

2. The ideaMany people like listening to music while they readbooks 3. The ideaBut sometimes is not to easy to match your favorite musicwith the content of the book you are reading!!! 4. But we offer a 5. What is SyrtAPI?Its a new way of entertainment 6. What is SyrtAPI?Its a new way of entertainmentIt saves time 7. What is SyrtAPI? It is a linked data based application It combines different datasets 8. What is SyrtAPI? With cool stuff! Music lyrics And book reviewsNYTimes Reviews 9. How to cope with this ??Syrtaki team, 4 september 2014, 16:00 10. But finally inspiration arrivedSyrtaki team, 4 september 2014, 19:00 11. SPARQL Musicbrainz Dataset 12. SyrtAPI ArchitectureWikilyricsHTMLNYTimesBestsellerJSONNLP ModuleCONVERTERJSON LDRecommendedURI songsMusic Brainz(RDF)BoilerPipeLyricExtranctorHarvesterSPARQLCOUCH DB(JSON)JSDOMClient #LDJSClient #LDJSClient #LDJS 13. Conclusions & Results Always bet on JavaScript & JSON LD Cool stuff like Linked Data Fragments Full SPARQL query client side is 6 lines of JS! Its good to combine classical restful API,hypermedia and Linked Data 14. Conclusions & Results So far we got Pipeline ready waiting for internet connection! 25 lyrics 10 books reviews a cool website 15. Lessons Learned Weve learned a lot! not only SPARQL, but also How to use Linked Data vocabularies How to link Linked Data datasets The difficulty of finding data Teamworking Other Cool technologies 16. Future work Adding more datasets Adding more and different sources of book reviews Developing a mobile app html 5 Link our app to music libraries like iTunes Add more NLP to anaylse the texts Make money