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  1. 1. Reduce Shipping Costs withTruckload OptimizationExecutive SummarySyntelics Truckload Optimizer selects the optimal mix of pallets ofvarying densities to fully utilize trailer capacity and reduce the numberFully Utilize Trailers andof outbound truck loads. Whether you assign loads to commonEliminate Loads carriers or manage a private fleet, Syntelic can lower your shippingexpenses. Syntelics logic looks at all pallets available to ship includingfuture orders, calculates pallet densities, and plans the load withinBenefits of Syntelicaxle weight limitations. Eliminate truck loads by fullyutilizing trailer capacity. The Challenge Automate the load planningBalancing Weight vs. Volumeprocess to save on labor.To build an optimized truckload, a trailers volume must be fully Avoid the repercussions of over-utilized without exceeding weight limitations, including axle-weights.weight trailers including finesThe challenge lies in consistently optimizing ALL trailers. This can beor the expense of returning todifficult for distribution operations that ship palletized products ofthe dock to reload after yardweighing. varying weights. Filling one trailer with too many low density palletsmay leave too many high density pallets left to ship on the next A scalable, centrally adminis-trailer. Instead of double stacking pallets to use all of a trailerstered, and regularly maintainedsolution for large, geographical- volume, a load might go out with a single layer of dense pallets toly dispersed companies. avoid being overweight.When a trailer is under-utilized with some of its volume taken up byair instead of cases due to having too many dense pallets, that work-around represents a missed opportunity to lower shipping expenses.
  2. 2. Dont Rely on the Seasoned VeteranOperations may run smoothly when personnel involvedin truck loading grasp the challenge of finding the rightmix of high-density and low-density pallets to betterutilize the volume of trailers without exceeding weightlimits. The seasoned load planner develops an intuitivesense of pallet densities as he decides what to put on a Better trailer utilization reduces outbound loads.trailer and what to reserve for the next trailer so as notto get stuck with too many dense pallets.What happens when the seasoned worker is out sick or Reduce Split Itemsleaves the company? Syntelic replaces intuition. When shipping from manufacturing facility to DCs, often items must be split among multiple trailersSyntelic Truckload Optimizer Eliminatesgoing to the same location. When these items must be reshipped upon arrival, it can take time and laborLoads Every Week to hunt for and get at hot items. Syntelics logic worksAll Orders Available to Ship to keep like items together, to reduce labor costs.Syntelics Truckload Optimizer looks at all orders that areavailable to ship when mixing pallet densities to achieveOTHER SYNTELIC SOLUTIONSfully optimized loads. The efficiency and effectiveness ofSyntelics logic is enhanced when orders 1, 2, or even 3-Transportation Analyticsdays out expand the pool of available pallets, limited byThe deluge of daily transportation data from disparate systems such as route planning and onboard computersbusiness rules about which orders may be released hides actionable intelligence that can lead to gains inahead of schedule. Similarly for orders that are not time efficiency and cost savings. The challenge lies in uncov--sensitive, pallets may be held back to be used in the ering those insights fast to support facts-based decisionnext days shipments to improve overall optimization.making. Syntelic integrates all available transportation data to drive a powerful analytics engine where rawEliminating Loadsdata is transformed into transportation intelligence.Syntelic s Truckload Optimizer cuts the total number ofloads required to ship all orders. For example, if a DCDynamic Load Planning Syntelic automatically creates trailer load plans andshipped 200 full truckloads a week, with Syntelic it printed load diagrams for a wave of orders using best-inmight ship just 180 loads a week. This reduction is -class load planning logic. No manual intervention isdirectly the result of improving the mix of pallet densi-needed since Syntelic dynamically selects the rightties to more fully utilize trailers. Thus, fewer trailers will trailer size and adjusts trailer compartments to mapbe needed to ship the same amount of product.pallet locations.