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  • Strategies for achieving optimal plant efficiency and increased output

    Asian Nitrogen + Syngas 2016 21-23 November 2016 Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia


    Syngas | Ammonia | Urea | Nitrates | Methanol | GTL | Hydrogen

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    30+ experts presenting new technology developments and case studies

    NEW! Strategic Sessions examining supply, demand, feedstocks and investment

    25+ exhibitors showcasing the latest technologies

    23 technical papers/case studies exploring technology and operational improvements

    13+ hours of certificated technical training

    Such a good conference, not only for new knowledge but also new networking. I am eager to attend this tremendous seminar again. Process Engineer, PT Petrokimia Gresik

    NEW! Interactive Troubleshooting clinics covering reformers and urea operations

    200+ delegates: unparalleled peer-to-peer networking and knowledge sharing

    7+ hours for peer-to-peer discussion and networking

    5 practical, hands-on workshops

  • Asian Nitrogen + Syngas 2016 • 21-23 November 2016, Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia

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    Now in its fifth year, the conference returns to Indonesia, South East Asia’s nitrogen production hub, from 21-23 November 2016, at the Shangri-La Jakarta. The conference is firmly established as the premier event for promoting and enhancing best practice through technical innovation for the Asian nitrogen and syngas industries. This is an unparalleled opportunity for nitrogen and syngas producers to develop a strategic approach to maximising the value of existing assets, optimising plant operations, and troubleshooting operational problems to ensure safe, reliable and environmentally compliant production.

    The comprehensive three-day programme will feature strategic sessions exploring supply and demand dynamics across the fertilizer, methanol and syngas markets; feedstock outlooks for natural gas and coal gasification; and opportunities for technical optimisation and investment in co-production.

    These sessions will be complemented by an extensive technical programme incorporating practical workshops, technical papers and interactive troubleshooting clinics, providing an unrivalled opportunity for peer-to-peer problem solving, through case-studies and shared experience.

    Whether you are investing in a new plant, revamping an existing plant, or maintaining your plant to achieve optimal production, safety and environmental performance, CRU’s Asian Nitrogen + Syngas 2016 is the must-attend event for 2016.


    Who attends? 200+ of your peers:

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    North America

    Syngas, Ammonia and Urea

    Syngas and Methanol

    Syngas and Ammonia

    Syngas, Ammonia and Nitrates

    Syngas, Ammonia, Urea and Nitrates

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    The conference is very informative and provides valuable insights on nitrogen. It is also a good platform to learn about the best products from other plants and organisations. Executive Ammonia/Methanol, Petronas Chemicals Fertiliser Kedah Sdn Bhd

    This conference has benefitted me in plant and energy evaluation. Worldwide information and networking with experienced experts and process licensors of catalyst and equipment. Process Engineer Manager, PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur

  • Asian Nitrogen + Syngas 2016 • 21-23 November 2016, Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia

    Register today at www.nitrogenasia.comKeep updated on the programme, visit

    New for 2016: Interactive troubleshooting clinics These clinics are designed to enable delegates to submit questions or case studies around operational problems they have faced in the running of their plants. Each clinic will be moderated and will incorporate an open exchange of ideas and experience from all participants.

    There will be one clinic looking at troubleshooting performance and operational problems associated with Reformers.

    The second clinic will discuss common problems in Urea production.

    Submit your question or case study to Questions and case studies are welcome to be submitted anonymously.

    Why attend?

    What you will learn at Asian Nitrogen + Syngas 2016:

    1 stop forum

    for the latest operational


    7+ hours of

    dedicated networking

    13 hours of

    certificated technical training

    5 practical hands-on


    23 papers highlighting

    technology and operational


    How market developments in the nitrogen and methanol industries will impact trade balances and prices globally and in SE Asia

    Practical solutions to common operational problems in steam reformers

    Plant energy efficiency improvements for ammonia and urea complexes

    What catalyst developments are providing greater efficiency in syngas, ammonia and methanol plants

    How to optimise performance with new technical services and solutions

    New developments in the production of nitrates

    New developments in urea operations, production and finishing

    The Technical workshops are hosted by experts in the various technical areas. They are open to:

    * Plant and Production Management

    * Technical Directors

    * Operations personnel

    * Maintenance/Reliability/Sustainability staff

    * Asset Integrity/Utilities staff

    * Health/Safety/Environment staff

    * Mechanical Engineers

    * Process Engineers

    Some restrictions may apply, so please see each workshop outline for details of who the workshop is open too.

    Further information on the workshops is available on the website.

    Technical workshops

  • Asian Nitrogen + Syngas 2016 • 21-23 November 2016, Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia

    Keep updated on the programme, visit

    Workshop: Emissions and environment Open for Urea plant owners and operators

    11:00 Governments worldwide put stricter norms on emission and energy consumptions in order to protect the environment.

    Stamicarbon is a front runner in developing technologies that enable the urea industry to comply with these regulations, in order to give plant owners a clear competitive advantage and to simultaneously improve the quality of life for all.

    See website for full content of all workshops

    Technical papers: Reformers

    11:00 Optimum reformer monitoring and balance

    John Brightling, Johnson Matthey

    11:30 Reformer tube inspection and life assessment: Case studies of online failures avoided

    Charles Thomas, Daniel Drabble, Quest Integrity

    12:00 Reformer tubes in a steam methane reformer: Critical components

    Hugues Chasselin, Manoir Industries


    10:30 Break

    12:30 Lunch

    Clinic 1: Reformers: Troubleshooting and solutions

    13:30 This interactive clinic will enable delegates to submit questions or case studies in advance or on site. Potential subject areas for discussion include: - Convection section fouling, inspections and cleaning - Flue gas tunnel problems – collapse or derail of bricks

    arrangement - Burner issues – uneven flames, impingement on

    tubes, burner refractory damages - Tramp air issues – radiant section, convection section

    furnaces & combustion air preheaters - Commissioning and start-up protocols on Reformers - Turnaround planning - Refractory, transfer line and catalyst tube failures - Catalyst crushing or poisoning

    Submit your question or case study to

    Workshop: Emissions and environment (continued) Open for Urea plant owners and operators

    13:30 This workshop provides participants with insights in the different available process technologies and how they relate to each other in terms of energy consumption, it provides information on the latest emission scrubbing technologies and the possibilities to install these in existing plants.

    During this interactive workshop, participants also have the opportunity to connect with experts from Stamicarbon to discuss possibilities on how to improve the efficiency of their plants.

    See website for full content of all workshops

    09:00 Global nitrogen outlook

    - The end of the boom: The outlook for global capacity as investment slows.

    - Cost competitiveness: The impact of gas market reforms, a structurally weak oil market and a depressed coal price on global nitrogen margins

    - How will nitrogen prices fare against deflationary macro headwinds?

    Anders Isberg, Senior Consultant, CRU

    09:30 Methanol market outlook

    - Global methanol balance to 2017

    - Main drivers

    - Regional balances


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