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    Windows 903.454.8376


    Stained Glass


    Stained Glass Inc.Greenville, TX

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    Windows 903.454.8376

    Jewish stained glass art for Synagogues and


    The Synagogue has long been the source of spiritual strength

    for the Jewish community. Stained glass for a synagogue

    serves a symbolic as well as a practical role. Stained glass acts

    as a focus for the faith of Jewish worshiper, blocking out the

    distractions of the outside world and serving as a reminder of

    eternal truths.

    Styles of Synagogue Stained Glass Art

    Synagogues art has developed over the millennia. Drawing on

    and synagogue stained glass has followed a variety of artistic

    and architectural styles. Drawing on this rich Judaic heritage,

    styles from traditional to modern. These Judaic stained glass

    works celebrate the art and architecture of Judaism, serve as

    objects of contemplation and act as a reminder of Jewish faith

    and life.

    Custom Stained Glass for Your Synagogue

    The stained glass examples shown here are options to consider.

    If you dont see what you are looking for, contact us. All window

    designs are customizable. Alternatively, you can have a work

    of stained glass art created just for you. Whether you are

    looking for a contemporary Jewish stained glass design or more

    traditional designs in your synagogue windows, we are here to


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    Windows 903.454.8376

    Types of Judaic Stained Glass

    From the day that Moses was commanded to build a tabernacle

    in the desert, temple art and architecture has developed along

    biblical lines. Synagogue stained glass can feature a wide range

    of symbols and emblems that are characteristically Jewish; the

    menorah, the lamp, the interlacing triangles, the Lion of Judah,

    synagogues. Stained Glass Inc panels can serve as Temple

    windows, door inserts, partitions and feature walls. Jewish

    stained glass windows can follow a variety of styles and subject

    matter, a few possible themes of Synagogue windows and

    partitions include the following:

    Mt Sinai Window. Based on a Tiffany stained glass design.

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    Windows 903.454.8376

    Magen David Windows

    Also referred to as the Star of David, the six-pointed star is used

    in stained glass and other Jewish art. The Star of David, created

    by two interlaced triangles, is based on the symbol from Davids


    Round Stained Glass Synagogue window of the Star of David

    Star of David in Stained Glass

    Star of David in Wreath Stained Glass

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    Windows 903.454.8376

    Menorah Stained Glass

    The origin of the menorah was the seven-branched

    candelabrum which was carried by the Israelites and used in the

    sanctuary as they journeyed through the Sinai desert. In art,

    the menorah was used to illuminate manuscripts and began to

    appear in stained glass images during the Middle Ages.

    Synagogue window featuring the Menorah

    Octagonal Menorah window (Also available as round, square or in any other shape or size)

    Menorah in Stained Glass

    Menorah in Stained Glass

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    Windows 903.454.8376

    Tree of Life

    The Hebrew Etz Hayyim (Tree of Life). From the original tree in the

    Garden of Eden and the traditional reference to the Torah as the

    Tree of Life

    Hebrew Inscriptions in Stained Glass

    Hebrew script can be an art form in its own right and can be

    featured in stained glass either alone or in combination with a

    decorative element. The Hebrew inscriptions in stained glass

    serve both to embellish the synagogue as well as to instruct the


    Aseret ha-Dibrot: The Ten Commandments in Stained GlassShalom on blue glass


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    Windows 903.454.8376

    Shalom window

    Shalom window roundel

    Shalom stained glass window roundel. Also available a square, rectangular, octagon or other window shapes

    Shalom (Peace)

    The inscriptions used in synagogue stained glass artworks

    are most often biblical verses suitable for creating a mood for

    prayer. These include Shalom (Peace), as well as How lovely

    (Psalms 84:2), Know before whom you stand (Berachot 28b), 0 give thanks unto the Lord, call upon His name (Psalms 105:1)prayer (Psalms 102:2), and other quotations.

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    Windows 903.454.8376

    The Ten Commandments

    Shalom dove window

    Why Select Stained Glass Inc. for your

    Synagogue Stained Glass Windows

    Stained Glass Inc windows are:

    light levels

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    Windows 903.454.8376

    Worlds Largest Selection of Synagogue

    Stained Glass Windows

    Any Design, Shape or Size of Stained Glass

    selection simple and easy, and all can be sized and shaped to

    meet your needs. For custom work, call us, our designers will

    work with you to create any design.

    More options

    partition panels, ceiling panels, stained glass ark doors, tree of

    life windows and stained glass for temple furnishings.

    on thought and happiness.

    Unlike normal light sources, the

    rainbow colored light streaming

    through luminous windows is

    full-spectrum and prismatic.

    This can elevate mood by

    responses, resulting in a sense

    of calmness and peace; a result

    most of us have experienced in

    contemplating a stained glass

    window or a rainbow.

    The Lamp

    The next step

    Contact us. We are happy to answer any questions, talk about options or assist with your unique needs.

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