symbolism. what does symbolism mean? what is a symbol?

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  • Symbolism
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  • What does symbolism mean? What is a symbol?
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  • Symbolism The representation of something in symbolic form or the giving of symbolic meaning or character to something A symbol is a letter, figure or sign used to represent something else.
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  • We communicate through art with symbols that transcend the boundaries of time and culture. - Richard Clar
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  • Mountains in all their moods are symbols of something greater, something worth aspiring to. Mountains are powerful, dangerous, beautiful, noble and mysterious. Mountains get respect. Robert Genn
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  • I have to create an object which resembles the tree. The sign for a tree, and not the sign that other artists may have found for the tree. - Henri Matisse
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  • Symbols can be used to represent personalities, ideas, or feelings.
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  • What do you think this painting by Salvador Dali symbolizes?
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  • Literal Symbols vs. Abstract Symbols Literal: the exact meaning of a word So a literal symbol can be the exact meaning of a word, idea, feeling, etc.
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  • Abstract: not an exact representation; the meaning of a work can be subjective to the viewer An abstract symbol can be open to interpretation. It could mean something different to different people. Jose de Rivera Alexander Calder
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  • How can you use symbolism to define or represent who you are? Throughout art, literature and history, the idea of being an individual has led to the world we live in now. To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. -Ralph Waldo Emerson
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  • Individual a single human being, as distinguished from a group. separate or distinct, especially from others of its kind; particular; unique. How do you know that you are different/individual from the person next to you, whether its a stranger or a friend?
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  • Name of Project For this project you will be creating a sculpture of your name or initials that represents YOU and who YOU ARE using symbols. You need to choose aspects of yourself that make you individual from others and decide how you will express these aspects using symbols.
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  • Sketch Criteria Choose if you want to use your name OR initials Each letter must symbolize a different aspect of you The letters must touch or connect in some way Decide how your letters will look Incorporate your symbols into letters Include texture, design and other details in your sketch


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