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symbol. 象征;标志. The lion is the symbol of courage. On maps, a cross is the symbol for a church. 地图上,十字符号代表教堂。符号;记号. symbolic symbolism. mark. White marks painted on the trees show the route. 树上涂有白色符号用以表示行进路线。. mark one's name on one's clothes. sign. traffic signs. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • symbolic symbolismsymbolThe lion is the symbol of courage.On maps, a cross is the symbol for a church.White marks painted on the trees show the route.markmark one's name on one's clothessome signs of improvement in her worksigntraffic signsLook out for a sign to the motorway.There wasn't a sign of life there.

  • theme songtheme:subject, topicThe theme of our discussion was "Europe in the 1990's".90theme parkGirls love dressing up.dress upbe dressed inThe bride was dressed in white.The facts are very clear. It's no use trying to dress them up.Don't bother to dress up. Come as you are.

  • In my opinion and in the opinion of most people, it is a very sound investment.opinionWhat's your opinion of the new President?He was asked to give his honest of the opinion thatI am of the opinion that he is right.

  • People celebrate Mardi Gras by dressing up in costumesdress up ,You dont need to ~ for this dinner. I dont want to go to their wedding because I hate dressing up.dress up in I just love the fun of dressing up in ancient clothing.dress up as The little girl dressed herself up as an dressed in She is always dressed in white.

  • Make the best of sth.-- to accept an unsatisfactory situation and do whatever you can to make it less bad (),We have to ~ the situation.One must learn to ~ a bad job.The girl did not like to wash dishes, but she made the best of it.Make the worst of Dave was now changing over from making the worst of the affair to making the best of it.(),

  • She majors in maths and physics.

    1major a major roada major operationWe have encountered major problems.readingLanguage Points:

  • It rained on the day we arrived, but the following day was sunny.

    2 followThe duckling followed its mother everywhere.Monday follows Sunday.follow ones advicefollow the crowdfollow ones examplefollow the latest fashionI couldnt follow his argument at all.The main events are as follows: first, the presidents speech, secondly the secretarys reply and thirdly, the chairmans summing-up.

  • 3. Kwanzaa is a seven-day festival celebrating the culture and history of African Americans.1) seven-day (compound adj.) the tenth five-year plan a three-leg tableMany students signed up for ________________ race in the sports meeting to be held next week.2) celebrating = which celebrates Similar structure:the week following Christmas Day 800-metre-long

  • celebrate a wedding anniversarycelebrate a victory, successa day of celebrationbirthday celebration4celebrate Christmascelebrate sbs birthday

  • 5 greet:He greeted me in the street with a friendly wave of the hand.Hello! and Dear sir are greetings.a greeting cardthe seasons greeting6 Gone are the days _____ the Chinese people were looked down upon.John shut everyone out of the kitchen ____ he could prepare his grand surprise for dinner.A. which B. when C. so that D. as if

  • 10. The African first-fruit festivals had many things in common: If two or more things have something in common, they have the same characteristic or feature.If two or more people have something in common, they share the same interests or experiences.To my surprise, I found I had a lot in common with this stranger.Their methods have a lot in common (with each other).

  • 5. People would get together to celebrate their harvest; people used to give thanks for their harvest and for life,would & used towould , used to wouldused toHe would come to my home for help when he had any trouble. (= He used to come )But: He used to be a worker. He would be a worker.

  • 7 forWhats English for Referendum8 have in commonThey found they had lot in common and got on well.I have nothing in with you.

    8 He didnt use to drive to work.She usednt to play computer games, used he?

  • There used to be an old temple on the hill.When he was there, he ________ go to that coffee shop at the corner after work every day.would B. should C. had better D. mightwould: used to:

  • 9 honour I feel greatly honoured by your trust.Will you honour me with a visit?in honour of sth a ceremory in honour of those killed in battleIts a great honour to be invited.You do us a great honour by attending.Will you do me the honour of dinning with me?

  • 10 principlea text which teaches the basic principles of geometry the principle of equality of opportunity of all live according to ones principles

  • 11. The festivals were a way to celebrate history and culture, as well as the new year.Note ---No articles are used before history and culture , . ,.American historyThe history of America

  • 12. as well asHe grows flowers as well as vegetables.She is a talented musician as well as being a photographer.Are they coming as well?13 unityLive together in unityPolitical unity National unity is essential in wartime.

  • uniteAfter three years in prison he was again united with his wife and family.We should unite to fight poverty and disease.A very united family

    14 communitywork for the good of the communitycommunity servicea community spiritcommunity centre

  • 15 country:We passed through four countries on our way to Greece.state:The State provides free education and health care.There are 13 states in Malaysia.nation:The United NationsThe Jewish nation is scattered around the world.

  • 16 determineHis future has not been determined, but he may study medicine.He will determine how it is to be done.We determined on an early start.He determined to learn Greek.The exam could determine your career.Im determined to succeed.a determined fighter, look, attitudea leader with courage and determination

  • 17 supportThis bridge is strong enough to support heavy lorries.The director were trying to get rid of her, but her staff all supported her.Which sport team do you support?I was supported by my parents when I was studying.

  • 18 purposeWhat is the purpose of the meeting?What is your purpose in going to Canada.Did he break it accidentally? No, on purpose.She seems to do these things on purpose.

  • 19 createGod created the world.A novelist creates characters and a plot.create more jobscreation the creation of a good impressioncreative

  • 20 faith (in sth)put ones faith in GodHave you an faith in what he says?I havent any faith in this medicine.I have lost faith in that fellow.break faith with sbkeep faith with sbfaithfulA faithful friend She was always faithful to her husband.

  • 21. We must do as much as we can to make our community better and more as one can(=asas possible) He will drive as carefully as he can to avoid any accidents.He ran as fast as he could in the race and finally got the 2nd place.Will you please be back as soon as possible so that you will have more time to exchange views with the experts?

  • 22 spiritHe answered with low/poor / high spirits raise ones spiritsHave a glass of brandy to keep your spirits up.23 commercialWe must promote commerce with neighbouring countries.commercial law, activity

  • 24. Since Kwanzaa is a time for learning as well as joy, people celebrate it by lighting a candle each day and discussing one of light lit; lightedlighted is used especially as an attributive adj.e.g. a lighted candle/lamp/matchHe lit the candle.The candles were lit.

  • As soon as the ____ candle was brought in, it soon ____ up the little room.A. lighted; lit B. lighting; lightedC. lit; lighted D. lit; litEach day & every dayEach day , Every day ,Such things do not happen every day.It rains each day this month.

  • 25. Each time we celebrate a festival it changes a little and in that way we keep our culture alive. Each time / Every time + clause Dont look up the word in the dictionary every time you come to a word or phrase you dont know.Each time he came back to his hometown, he found it changed a little.the moment + clause (= as soon as)I promise you can have the magazine the moment I finish reading it.

  • 26 joydance, jump, shout with joyHe is a great joy to listen of the simple joys of life

    27 give awayHe gave most of his money away to charity.The major gave away the prizes at the school sports meet.

  • 28 make peacebe at peace with sb. / sthShes never at peace with herself.keep the peacea peace-keeping force

    29 the kiss of life kiss sb goodbye

  • Language points1. It is likely that people have celebrated Likely adj. 1) be likely toJohn is likely to go to the beach tomorrow. It is therefore possible to say not only what the weather is like at present, but also what is likely to happen in the next day or two.2) It is likely that It is likely that he is in trouble now.Its quite likely that a decision will be made before the end of the year.

  • Likely /possible /probable , likelypossible,probable, .The sky is clear, so its not ______ to rain this afternoon.A. doubtful B. likelyC. certain D. rarely

  • 2. Almost every culture has some kind of harvest festival.Some used to mean a person or thing, when you do not know or say exactly which (,)She was hunting for some book that she had lost.There must be some mistake.Some day he will get his scholarship.For some reason, they didnt come.

  • 3. All across Africa, get together for festivals around harvest time.4. , people celebrate a new harvest with days of dancing and offering fruit to their ancestors and gods.5. The boats used are beautifully painted and decorated with flowers of all colours.6. ,there is a similar festival in May.John and I have similar taste in sport.My computer is similar to Toms. A is similar to B.

  • 7.