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    Course Information: Location: Terra Building Room 1223

    Dates: February 1 April 11th

    , Mondays 6:00- 9:00pm

    Note: No class March 8th

    , UArts Spring Break

    Instructor Information: Name: Andrea Poulsen


    Email Policy: Emails will be returned within 72 hours.

    Instructor Bio

    Andrea Poulsen received her BFA in Photography from University of the Arts. She currently pursues fine art photography and freelance assignments. Visit Andrea's website for more information and samples of her work. Course Description: Street photography is a type of candid, documentary photography practiced by such luminaries as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Garry Winogrand, Helen Levitt and others. These photographers documented the drama, turbulence, exoticism and humanity of the great American metropolis as they pushed the constraints of composition, rarely relying on pre-visualization. A skilled street photographer is able to anticipate action, interaction and that attosecond when the ordinary street scene becomes an extraordinary photograph. Students study the work of many noted photographers above, examine contemporary street photography and immerse themselves in the whirl of street life in Philadelphia as they understand what it takes to capture successful street photographs. Prerequisite: Digital Photography II or equivalent experience.

    Pre-requisites: Digi ta l Photo I I or equ ivalent experience. The ab i l i ty to fu l ly use your camera of choice with min imum inst ruct ion .

    Course Overview:

    Through an in-depth study of work by master street photographers, this course aims to sharpen both your shooting eye and

    critique abilities. A portion of the class each week will be devoted to viewing and analyzing different artists using slides,

    videos, and articles as references to help get inside their heads. Students will shoot mostly outside of class, and discover

    how absorbing great art can change the way we see on a daily basis. Emphasis is placed on creativity and context; students

    may shoot with any type of camera (including film or even cell phone cameras), provided they are comfortable with

    technical operation of the chosen tool. The goal of this class is to appreciate and unravel the visual coincidences that make

    meaning in a photograph, and experience the unexpected magic of capturing images in this style.

    Syllabus: Street Photography CE 2717 | Section 01 | Spring 2016

    Continuing Education

  • CE 2717 | C SP RI N G 2016


    Course Objectives/Learning Objectives: At the end of this course, students will:

    Deepen appreciation for street photography by viewing and analyzing work of masters in the field Understand the historical trajectory of street photography as an art form, and place your own work into context Identify well-known photographers who inspire and influence your personal practice Explore the medium through a series of shooting assignments that provide prompts for thoughtful consideration Practice interpreting photographs through written responses and verbalization during critiques Create a portfolio of work for online presentation that begins to define your unique vision

    COUR SE RESO URCE S Textbook: Street Photography Now. Howarth and McLaren ; Thames and Hudson NYC,

    Additional Course Materials | Supplies

    Camera, gear, and software of choice

    COUR SE ACTI V ITIE S Readings + Responses Part ic ipat ion in group discuss ion Shoot ing Ass ignments Presentat ion Wri tten Ass ignments Cr it iques


    This course uses Flickr to share photos. Flickr is a website that allows for the upload of photos, formation of groups, image organization with tags and the ability to search for shared pictures on any subject. Sign up for a free account,, and click the "Sign Up Now" button from the home page. Once you sign in, you can create a Flickr screen name and sign in. Instructor will send you an invite to join the Flickr group for this course.

    Visit the Flickr help page for additional resources

    Due Dates

    All projects are due on the date and at the time specified and no later. Most assignments will be submitted online via Flickr. Assignments turned-in late will lose 10% of their total possible value.

  • CE 2717 | C SP RI N G 2016



    This course uses Lore to share files, handouts and presentations. Lore is a simple way for instructors to manage courses and engage students. It combines tools like gradebook, file management, communication, and calendaring with social networking features so students can communicate with each other. Instructor will send an invite to join the class Lore site. Students will need to create an account and sign in.

    Attendance + Participation

    All students are expected to attend classes regularly and promptly, and for the duration of the scheduled instructional time. Individual instructors will decide the optimum time for taking attendance and may penalize for habitual lateness of absence. Repeated absences may result in a grade of "F" for the course.

    Students who withdraw from a course must do so in writing. Nonattendance does not constitute an official withdrawal.

    UNI VER SITY POLIC IES : Academic Honesty/ Integrity Policy Violations of academic integrity are considered to be acts of academic dishonesty and include (but are not limited to) cheating, plagiarizing, fabrication, denying others access to information or material, and facilitating academic dishonesty, and are subject to disciplinary action. To review the Academic Honesty/ Integrity Policy in its entirety, please visit: ACT 48 Activity Hours To have ACT 48 Activity Hours for this course reported to the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) you must complete and return the CE Request for Activity Hours Submission Form to the UArts Continuing Studies Office and meet all requirements outlined by the PDE. Student Code of Conduct It is the policy of the Division of Continuing Studies to provide a safe and healthy environment for learning, personal growth and enjoyment. The well-being of this community depends upon the good judgment and considerate behavior of its members. Student status at The University of the Arts is not an unconditional right, but a privilege subject to certain rules and expectations articulated in the Student Code of Conduct. To review the Student Code of Conduct in its entirety, please visit:

    GRADI NG : ( i f appl icable)

    Your grade will be based on the following:

    Component Points

    Shooting Assignments 60%

    Participation (incl Responses) 15%

    Presentation + Paper 10%

    Final Portfolio + Statement 15%

    Total 100%

  • CE 2717 | C SP RI N G 2016


    Your grade will be calculated using the following scale:

    Grade Percentage Range Grade Point

    A 100 93% 4.0

    A- 92 90% 3.67

    B+ 89 87% 3.33

    B 86 83% 3.0

    B- 82 80% 2.67

    C+ 79 77% 2.33

    C 76 73% 2.0

    C- 72 70% 1.67

    D+ 67 69% 1.33

    D 63 66% 1.0

    F 59% or less 0.0

    P Pass -




    Session 1

    Feb 1


    Class Introductions: Please bring an example of your

    work to share with the class (maximum 10 images). It

    may or may not directly relate to Street Photography,

    but should help us understand how your past work

    relates to your goals for the course. Bring camera to


    History & Early



    Atget, Walker Evans, Henri Cartier-Bresson and more

    The Decisive Moment

    In-class exercise: Following intuition, class will disperse

    and return with one image to share


    Shooting Assignment: The Decisive Moment

    Due: Photos uploaded to

    Flickr by Sunday Feb 7th



    Session 2

    Feb 9


    Class Discussion of Homework assignment



    Watch: Everybody Street

    Discuss various shooting styles of the photographers in

    the documentary


    Read/ view chapter 1 in the textbook

    Choose a photograph to present with your interpretation

    Shooting Assignment: Approach/ Philosophy In the Style

    of one of the photographers from Everybody Street

    Due: Uploads due Sunday by

    6pm, textbook response for

    next class session

  • CE 2717 | C SP RI N G 2016


    Session 3

    Feb 16


    Discuss textbook reading, each student will present their

    analysis of a chosen photograph from the chapter.

    Critique In the Style of assignment

    Presentation/ In-

    Class work

    Robert Frank: The Americans


    Read/ view chapter 2 in the textbook

    Choose a photograph to present with your interpretation

    Shooting Assignment: Quantity

    Due: Uploads due Sunday by

    6pm, textbook response for

    next class session