Syllabus for Class: Close-up / Macro ?· Syllabus for Class: Close-up / Macro Photography ... (Bryan…

Download Syllabus for Class: Close-up / Macro ?· Syllabus for Class: Close-up / Macro Photography ... (Bryan…

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  • Syllabus Close-up / Macro Photography 1 Schlegelmann 9/29/11

    Syllabus for Class: Close-up / Macro Photography

    Linn Benton Community College Benton Center

    Instructor: Paul Schlegelmann

    Course Description: Are you intrigued by close-up photos of flowers,

    insects, textures, and other intricate subjects in the world around you?

    Discover how to master the art and science, techniques and tools, of

    close-up/macro photography. Find out how highly acclaimed

    photographers capture those breathtaking images and then create your

    own beautiful macro photographs.

    Prerequisites: Basic digital photography class or experience; basic

    computer experience.

    Topics and Concepts covered in the class:

    1. Learn to see the visual richness in our world close-up as driven by the light

    2. Equipment choices to assist with close-up photography 3. New techniques to capture your vision of the close-up world in a

    photograph 4. See and understand how acclaimed photographers capture close-up/macro images

    Class Materials:

    Recommended: Digital camera, camera owners manual, charged battery, USB

    transfer cable, memory card

    Books on Close-up/Macro Photography to Consider:

    Understanding Close-up Photography: Creative Close

    Encounters With or Without a Macro Lens (Bryan Peterson)

    Close-ups In Nature (John Shaw)

    Adventures in Close-up Photography (Lief Ericksenn & Els


    Creative Close Ups: Digital Photography Tips and

    Techniques (Harold Davis)

    Digital Nature Photography Closeup (Jon Cox)

    Nature Photography Closeup: Macro Techniques in the Field

    (Paul Harcourt Davies)

    The Manual of Close-up Photography (Lester Lefkowitz)

    How to Photograph Close-ups in Nature (Nancy Rotenberg

    & Michael Lustbader)

    General Books on Photography:

    Understanding Exposure: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera (3rd Edition)

    (Bryan Peterson)

  • Syllabus Close-up / Macro Photography 2 Schlegelmann 9/29/11

    Grading: Non-credit course (no grades)

    Course Format: Class meets on first evening for lecture, followed by a photoshoot on a

    Saturday, followed by a final class the next week (see details below).

    Course Overview: This is a 3 session course that will cover as many topics as time permits. Additional topics that

    students request will be added in as time and interest allows.

    Class 1: Seeing the Small World, Equipment, Technique

    1. Introductions (instructor credentials, student interests in close-up photography)

    2. How to see and visualize the world up close (both natural & man-made)

    3. Light: Quality and Quantity 4. Up Close - Outdoors 5. Up Close - Indoors 6. Equipment choices Lenses, specialty attachments, lighting,

    tripods, etc. 7. Techniques

    a. Exposure controls and methods b. Understanding and controlling depth-of-field c. Elements and rules of composition d. Utilizing specialty equipment/accessories for close-

    ups/macros e. Supplemental lighting

    8. View and learn how close-up photos were taken by published Close-up/Macro photographers

    Class 2: Photoshoot Field Trip

    1. Local field trip for creative close-up photography exploration

    Class 3: Photo Critique, More Photo Techniques

    1. Return to classroom and share/critique images 2. Additional macro techniques, tips, tools 3. Open discussion including challenges that arose and solutions

    Photoshoot Field Trip Details: When: Saturday, October 1st, 9:00am Location: Meet first at the Corvallis riverfront area at 1st Street and Jackson across from

    Big River restaurant (next to the water fountain and otter sculpture). We can photograph the Farmers Market and surrounding area.

    Equipment to bring: Camera, lens(es), any close-up accessories you may have (e.g.

    close-up rings), owners manual, charged battery, cable for connecting camera to computer (for transferring photos afterward in the classroom)

    Backup Plan: If raining, well still meet at the Farmers Market since we can shoot

    photos under all of the canopies used by the vendors.


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