Syllabus for Class: Close-up / Macro ?· Syllabus for Class: Close-up / Macro Photography ... (Bryan…

Download Syllabus for Class: Close-up / Macro ?· Syllabus for Class: Close-up / Macro Photography ... (Bryan…

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<ul><li><p>Syllabus Close-up / Macro Photography 1 Schlegelmann 9/29/11 </p><p>Syllabus for Class: Close-up / Macro Photography </p><p>Linn Benton Community College Benton Center </p><p>Instructor: Paul Schlegelmann </p><p>Course Description: Are you intrigued by close-up photos of flowers, </p><p>insects, textures, and other intricate subjects in the world around you? </p><p>Discover how to master the art and science, techniques and tools, of </p><p>close-up/macro photography. Find out how highly acclaimed </p><p>photographers capture those breathtaking images and then create your </p><p>own beautiful macro photographs. </p><p>Prerequisites: Basic digital photography class or experience; basic </p><p>computer experience. </p><p>Topics and Concepts covered in the class: </p><p>1. Learn to see the visual richness in our world close-up as driven by the light </p><p>2. Equipment choices to assist with close-up photography 3. New techniques to capture your vision of the close-up world in a </p><p>photograph 4. See and understand how acclaimed photographers capture close-up/macro images </p><p>Class Materials: </p><p> Recommended: Digital camera, camera owners manual, charged battery, USB </p><p>transfer cable, memory card </p><p>Books on Close-up/Macro Photography to Consider: </p><p> Understanding Close-up Photography: Creative Close </p><p>Encounters With or Without a Macro Lens (Bryan Peterson) </p><p> Close-ups In Nature (John Shaw) </p><p> Adventures in Close-up Photography (Lief Ericksenn &amp; Els </p><p>Sincebaugh) </p><p> Creative Close Ups: Digital Photography Tips and </p><p>Techniques (Harold Davis) </p><p> Digital Nature Photography Closeup (Jon Cox) </p><p> Nature Photography Closeup: Macro Techniques in the Field </p><p>(Paul Harcourt Davies) </p><p> The Manual of Close-up Photography (Lester Lefkowitz) </p><p> How to Photograph Close-ups in Nature (Nancy Rotenberg </p><p>&amp; Michael Lustbader) </p><p>General Books on Photography: </p><p> Understanding Exposure: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera (3rd Edition) </p><p>(Bryan Peterson) </p><p></p></li><li><p>Syllabus Close-up / Macro Photography 2 Schlegelmann 9/29/11 </p><p>Grading: Non-credit course (no grades) </p><p>Course Format: Class meets on first evening for lecture, followed by a photoshoot on a </p><p>Saturday, followed by a final class the next week (see details below). </p><p>Course Overview: This is a 3 session course that will cover as many topics as time permits. Additional topics that </p><p>students request will be added in as time and interest allows. </p><p>Class 1: Seeing the Small World, Equipment, Technique </p><p>1. Introductions (instructor credentials, student interests in close-up photography) </p><p>2. How to see and visualize the world up close (both natural &amp; man-made) </p><p>3. Light: Quality and Quantity 4. Up Close - Outdoors 5. Up Close - Indoors 6. Equipment choices Lenses, specialty attachments, lighting, </p><p>tripods, etc. 7. Techniques </p><p>a. Exposure controls and methods b. Understanding and controlling depth-of-field c. Elements and rules of composition d. Utilizing specialty equipment/accessories for close-</p><p>ups/macros e. Supplemental lighting </p><p>8. View and learn how close-up photos were taken by published Close-up/Macro photographers </p><p>Class 2: Photoshoot Field Trip </p><p>1. Local field trip for creative close-up photography exploration </p><p>Class 3: Photo Critique, More Photo Techniques </p><p>1. Return to classroom and share/critique images 2. Additional macro techniques, tips, tools 3. Open discussion including challenges that arose and solutions </p><p>Photoshoot Field Trip Details: When: Saturday, October 1st, 9:00am Location: Meet first at the Corvallis riverfront area at 1st Street and Jackson across from </p><p>Big River restaurant (next to the water fountain and otter sculpture). We can photograph the Farmers Market and surrounding area. </p><p> Equipment to bring: Camera, lens(es), any close-up accessories you may have (e.g. </p><p>close-up rings), owners manual, charged battery, cable for connecting camera to computer (for transferring photos afterward in the classroom) </p><p> Backup Plan: If raining, well still meet at the Farmers Market since we can shoot </p><p>photos under all of the canopies used by the vendors. </p></li></ul>


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