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    SYDNEY FOOTBALL LEAGUE Balmain • Baulkham Hills

    Campbelltown • East Sydney Holroyd-Parramatta

    North Shore • Pennant Hills St. George • Sydney University

    Western Suburbs

    SYDNEY FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION Bankstown • Blacktown Camden • Hawkesbury

    Liverpool Anzacs • Wollongong Macquarie University

    Manly Warringah • Penrith Penshurst • Sutherland

    University of NSW


    104pls Holroyd Parramana 23.27·165 v !!amain 9.7-61 Cam~belllown 12.16"88 v East Sydney 13.~ 5pls Nori Shore 19.13"127v Pennarl Hills 10.16-76 51pls SI George 24.12-15&v Western Suburbs 12.1~ 71pls

    SUnday Aprll 10 62pls Sydney Uni 21.17·143v Ballkhan Hills 10.21-61

    ROUND TWO· s.turday Agrll 16 47pls Eat Sydney 17.19-121 v Sydney Uri 1 .14-74

    Sund;? Aprll 17 37pls Western SUbs 20.16-1 v Hol.Psr!IMla 14.15-99

    Ballkhan Hills 12.15-67 v SI George 23.22-160 7:lps Pennarl Hills 13.9-87 v Campbelttown 24.22-166 79pls !!amain 14.17-101 v North Shore 21.19-145 44pls

    ROUND THREE· s.turda~ Aprll 23 np1s SI George 21.23-149 v East Sydney 1 .12-72

    Hol-Parramarra 21.8-134 v Ballkhan Hills 13.10-88 46pls Sydney Uri 14.15-99 v Pennant Hiiis 25.18-168 69pls Campbelttown 20.18-138v North Shae 16.12-108 30pls Western Suburbs 22.20-152v Bamiin 13.15-93 5!l;l!s

    ROUND FOUR· s.turday Aprll 30 East Sydney 10.16-76 v Holroyd Parramatta 12.1W& 10pls Campbe!Nown 28.32-200 v Bamiin 16.5-101 99pls

    SUndayMay1 Pennanl Hills 10.18-78vStGeorge13.17-GS 17pls North Shor113.15"03v Sydney Uri 14.~ 1pl. Ballkhan Hills 13.14-* v Western SUbs 20.22-142 SOpls

    ROUND FIVE• SUnday May 8 Holroyd Parramana 11.13"711v Penna~ Hills 7.1~ ll4pls St George 13.19"G7 v North Shore 9.18-72 25pls Sydney Uri 4.16-40v Campbe!Nown 27.27·189 149pls Western Slibs 15.17·107v Eat~~ 18.15-123 16pls Bamiin 15.13-103v Blulkhlm H lls 1 24-114 11pls

    ROUND SIX • s.turday May 14 North Shore21.11-137v Hol.Psrandta 14.1~7 40pls Campbelhown 26.15-171 v SI Geage 14.15-99 72pls Sydney Uni 33.25-223 v Bamiin 8.lh56 167pls Pennarl Hills 12.7-79vw..temSubs16.11·107 28pls Eal Sydney 21.19-145v Ballkhan Hills 19.10-124 21pls

    ROUND SEVEN • SUnday Malo. 'rl Hol.Psr!IMla 9.13-67 v CampbelNown 16-136 69pls SI George 16.24-120v Sydney Uri 6.12-48 72pls Western Suburbs 12.2Ht v North Shore 12.14-66 Bpls Blulkllllm Hiiis 13.17-llSv Pennarl Hills 12.6-78 17pls Bamiin 10.10-70 v Eat Sydney 36.15-231 161pls

    SUndct; May 29 Sydney 15.11-101 vA AFL23.23"161 in Canberra

    ROUND EIGHT· Salurdafi June 4 St George 29.22·196v Bamiin 16.7- 03 93pls Cam~be!Nown 24.22-166vWestern Slibs 18.9-117 49pls Nori Shore 26.12-168 v Ballkhan Hills 14.15-99 69pls Pennant Hiiis 20.18-138v East Sydney 14.12-96 42pls

    SUnday June 5 Sydney Uni 15.18-108v Hol.Psr!IMla 14.19-103 5pls

    ROUND NINE· Monday June 13 Holr~d Psrlllldla 12.15-67 v St George 29.17-191 104pls Western SUburba 21.21-147 v Sydney Uri 8.10-58 89pls Ballkhan Hills 1013-73 v Campbelllown 34.16-220 147pls Ent Syd~ 18.11-11h North Shore 14.22-106 13pls Bamiin 15. 4-104 v Ptnnanl Hiiis 36.18-228 124pls

    ROUND 10 • Sunday June 1 D Bamiin 12.18-90v Holroyd Parramana 22.29-161 71pls West11n suburbs 17.15-f 17 v St Geage 16.8-104 13pls Blulkhlm Hiiia 17.14-116v Sydney Uri 8.16-64 52pls East Sydney 12.14-66 v Campbe1Nown12.1M1 5pls Pennant Hiiis 16.20-116 v North Shore 10.9-69 47pls

    ROUND 11 • s.turday June 25 Sydney Uri v East Sydney Sydney Uri No. 1

    SUnday June 26 Hair~ Psr!IMla v Western Subs Gipps Roal Oval SI Geage v Badkhan Hills Ods Pmk esr.>beiHcwn v Pennarl Hills Raids Roal Reserve North Shore v Bamiin Gore Hill Oval

    ROUND 12 • s.turday July 2 Ballkhan Hills v Hair~ P'rndla Mclalghlin Reserve East Sydney v St Geage T rur11>91 Pmk Pennarl Hills v Sydney Uri Ern Holmes Oval North Shore v esr.>beiHcwn Gore Hill Oval Bamiin v Western Sliburbs Clrurm1C71ne Oval

    ROUND 13 • s.turday July D Hair~ Psr!IMla v East Svdney Gipps Roal Oval

    SUnclay July 1 O SI Gecrge v Pennarl Hills Ods Pmk Sydney lJri v North Shore Sydney Uri No. 1 !!amain v Ca!Jibelllcwn Clrurm1C71ne Oval Western Sliburbs v Ballkhan Hills Wagener Oval

    ROUND 14 • Saturday July 16 East Sydney v Western Sliburbs Trur11>91 Pmk

    SUnday July 17 Pennarl Hills v Hair~ Psr!IMla Ern Holmes Oval North Shore v SI Geage Gore Hill Oval esr.>beiftcwn v Sydney Uri Fields Roal Reserve Badkhan Hills v Balmain Mclalghlin Reserve

    ROUND 15 ·Sunday July 24 Hair~ Psr!IMla v North Shore Gipps Roal Oval SI Geage v esr.>beiHcwn Ods Pmk !!amain v Sydney Uri Clrurm1C71ne Oval Western Sliburbs v Pennarl Hills Wagener Oval Ballkhlrn Hills v East Sydney Mclalghlin Resverve

    ROUND 16 ·Sunday July 31 ~own v Hair~ P'rndla Fields Roa:! Reserve Svdney Uri v SI Geage Sydney Uri No. 1 llkrth Shore v Western Sliburbs Gore Hin Oval Pennarl Hills v Ballkhan Hills Ern Holmes Oval East Sydney v !!amain Trur11>91 Pmk

    ROUND 17 • s.turday Augllll 6 East Sydney v Pennari Hills Trur11>91 Pmk

    SUnday Augllll 7 Hair~ Psr!IMla v Sydney Uri Gipps Roal Oval Bamiin v St Geage Drurm1C71ne Oval Western Sliburba v Car¢e!Hcwn Wagener Oval Ballkhan Hills v North Shore Mclalghlin Reserve

    ROUND 18 • s.turday Augllll 13 St Geage v Holr~d Psr!IMla Ods Pmk esr.>beiHcwn v Ballkhan Hills Raids Roal Reserve Pennarl Hills v !!amain Ern Holmes Oval North Shore v East Sydney Gore Hill Oval

    SUnday Augllll 14 Sydney Uri v Western Suburbs Sydney Uri No. 1

    111 Simi Final 2nd Simi Final Preliminary Grand Final


    sun Aug2t SunAug2B sun Sepl 4 sun Sepl 11

    Macquarie Fields Macquarie Fields Macquarie Fields Macquarie Fields

    Sat.-Sun. June 25·26, 1994

    Edition No. 12 $1.00

    BLUES & BULLDOGS PRODUCE ANOTHER NAIL-BITER Con The Demons be o Serious Threot?

    North Shore in o Slump East Sydney have emerged as the most genuine threat to Campbelltown 's troyhy aspirations when the Bulldogs ran the Blues to their second five-pointer of the season in a nail-biting outing at Trumper Park last Sunday. The Bulldo~s did it in the first round at Macquarie Fields on April 9th and their repeat has issued the only challenge the all-conquering Campbelltown have faced all year. We'lljust have to wait/or the outcome until the end of August. Meanwhile, Pennant Hills added another valuable scalp downing North Shore.

    You couldn't ask for much more another lost season. My, how was players for the Hills like as supporters of both East Sydney things have changed. After wins MATTIIEW DAYKIN (in only his and Campbelltown when it comes over East then Balmain, a 47pt second senior match), GERARD to close finishes. success over the Bears last Sunday MIMMO, PETER DIXON and

    If you were a Bulldog fan you has added a new zip to the TIM HALL who proved the would've been wishing many of 1he Demons preparation for this difference. first quaner shols had found 1heir weekends encounter against the Baulkham Hills sealed the mark more accura1ely during lhe Blues. result of their meeting with first half period when Eas1 were Nonhs have been ranled 1hese Sydney University with a match- 1igh1er in defence and more pasl IWO weeks and while 1hey came winning opener of 7. 7 to 0.3 from confidenl in anack. back sirongly againsl lhe Demons it which Uni never recovered.

    East were one of the stronger can safely be said, lhe Bears are in First.gamers for the Falcons compedtors this year's Campbell- a slump. were STUART WYNN and BRET town bas yet faced with a terrific They certainly had no answer BAKER who combined well with fll'st half when they led by two to the powerful performance of MARK McLEAN to set the goals at the long break and JOHN IRONMONGER not only at standard. All three are products seemingly had the resenes to go centre-bounces but around the from the Falcons junior grades. on with it. ground and his five goals were the After a mid-game Uni recovery.

    But the Blues wittled away and added icing. The victory gathered Baulkham Hills found new legs 10 contained East in a hard fought last another important scalp for the run away, wilh lheir besl named as half gaining a slender five-point Demons in what was the 45th - DAVID REliD, JASON WESTER- victocy to maintain their record of meeting of the "Northside Derby". BRINK, MA1THEW REFD and ten succesive wins, but there was a None toiled for North as hard SCOIT ABERCROMBIE also signofthankfulness. as ANDREW VARASDI and RODNEYDEAVESandMICKTOY.

    SEAN BARRE'IT, PETER STUART CARLAW plus the Western Snburbs tnmed FOYE and MICHAEL UNDER- reliable BRENDON PRICE, but it around their (cont p.4) WOOD were named best for the

    !!~~~~~ 3

  • SFL REVIEW ROUND 10 - (cont.) opening day 71pt thrashing into a creditable 13-point win over St George at Wagener Oval, banding the Saints their second loss for the year.

    St George suffering injuries had few on-ballers who were up to the Magpies on the day finding TONY GRAHAM. MARK SANSON and TRAVIS DOY!.£ more than they could handle. Best/or the Saints were NIGEL TUNBRIDGE and ASHLEY CARTER.

    Parramatta confmned NEIL BRISCOE's woes (see page 12) with another thrashing of the Tigers at Drummoyne Oval - the Goannas keeping Balmain goalless for almost two quarters with quick run-on play, long bombs for goal and even more telling was the fact Parramatta were missing the leadership of captain SHAUN EDMUNDS and MICK O'BRIEN