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Swimming Pool Heaters maintain a comfortable temperature of your swimming pool water making it soothing and comfortable to be used at any time of year . Heating your pool increases your swimming season and lets you extract the most out of your investment on your pool. Now not only you can swim in summers but also in winters.Surveys show that a heated pool is used 10 times more than a normal pool !!!!Potent Water care brings you the best quality range of swimming pool HEaters, swimming pool heat pumpps and swimming pool heat exchangers.We also offer swimming pool covers , including swimming pool solar covers , in order to retain the eat of your swimming pool.


  • 1. Potent Water Care Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO9001:2008 certified organization and isthe leader in Swimming pool industry. Having an experience of over 15 years,we source the best quality poolequipments , accessories and chemicalsfrom different parts of world. We also have a manufacturing unit inNew Delhi for developing productsaccording to Indian Requirements.

2. We have a water care team combatingall types of water problems, whether it isproblems related to swimming pools orponds . The team consists dedicatedprofessionals to develop new designs &the best quality products. We are renowned all over India as thelargest suppliers of Swimming pool,steam bath, sauna bath, Jacuzzi, spaand domestic water treatment products. 3. A pool can be heated by a pool heater,pool heat pump or a solar pool heater. Pool heat pumps and heaters are thebest for heating pools in India. 4. Heating your pool maintains a comfortabletemperature of water to swim at any timeof the year. Heating your pool increases your swimmingseason and lets you extract the most out ofyour investment on your pool. Now not only you can swim in summers butalso in winters. Surveys show that a heated pool is used 10times more than a normal pool !!!! 5. A swimming pool heater heats the poolby using electricity. It does not take heat from any othersource, rather itself generates the heat. Pool heaters heat the pool in very lesstime. Pool heaters are appropriate for smallersized swimming pools. One must go for a Pool heat pump for abigger pool. 6. Premium Series Heat PumpEconomical Series Heat Pump 7. Heat pumps do not actually generate heat,rather transfer the heat from air to theswimming pool and hence effectively reduceenergy bills and give a really very highperformance . Heat pumps require a small amount of energyto operate the compressor and fan motor. Our heat pumps produce up to five timesmore heat energy than the electricityconsumed by them. Hence heat pumps are much better thanpool heaters for heating larger pools. 8. One must not forget to use a pool coverwhen heating a pool . A pool heat pump can save up to 60 % ofelectricity bills for heating the pool. A pool cover is essential for retaining theheat of a pool for a longer time. We have special solar pool covers for ourcustomers which not only retain the heat ofyour pool , but also heat the pool from solarenergy. 9. The graph clearly shows that a solar poolcover can increase the temperature ofthe pool easily by 20 Degree Celsius !!!! Hence a pool cover is essential forheating a pool.


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