Sustaining soil fertility in west africa

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  • Sustaining Soil Fertility in West Africa

    G. Tian, F. Ishida, D. Keatinge

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  • Publisher : American Society of Agronomy-Soil Science Society of America

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  • ISBN : 089118838X

    Author : G. Tian, F. Ishida, D. Keatinge

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  • Food security in West Africa is challenged by complex issues, including rapid population growth,exploitation of nonrenewable resources, and chronic low soil fertility, but in this text experts fromworld agricultural institutions share their work to provide solutions. Topics covered include soilmicroorganisms and organic matter, indigenous knowledge, new cropping systems, use ofnonorganic fertilizer, livestock, alley cropping, and decision support systems for implementation ofintegrated nutrient management.

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    Soil Testing and Plant Analysis, Third Edition - ISBN 0891188444 Roots and SoilManagement: Interactions between Roots and the Soil - ISBN 0891181598

    The American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society ofAmerica are prominent international scientific societies headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. TheSocieties specialize in peer-reviewed, high-quality science titles for a wide variety of audiences.Some of the many areas we publish in include:

    -Soils Methods and Management-Crop Development and Improvement-Agrosystem Management and the Global Food Crisis-Environmental Conservation and Climatology

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