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Sustainably Sweet A Green Dessert Party. Hosted by Patrick Morales. The Task: A Green Event. Budget: 200 dollars Attendance: 20 people Food Sources: Whole Foods, Ralphs, and Trader Joes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Sustainably Sweet A Green Dessert Party</p> <p>Sustainably SweetA Green Dessert PartyHosted by Patrick Morales</p> <p>1The Task: A Green EventBudget: 200 dollarsAttendance: 20 peopleFood Sources: Whole Foods, Ralphs, and Trader JoesThe Goal: An approachable dessert party that supports sustainable products for college students on a budget </p> <p>Can it be done?2The Proof Is in the Chocolate literallyTo gather people together the party will be centered around a Mini Chocolate Fountain ($50) dripping with Fair Trade Organic DAGOBA chocolate ($52).Founder Frederick Schillings vision for DAGOBA chocolate was a company that addressed the Quality, Ecology, Equity and Community in each step from cacao farms to the factory to the consumer. Check out DAGOBAs Full Circle Sustainability principles is also a member of the World Cocoa Foundation, a broad-based partnership dedicated to promoting a sustainable cocoa economy through economic and social development and environmental conservation in cocoa growing communities. Learn more at</p> <p>3Bite Sized baked Goods to be covered in chocolate!Lundberg Organic Rice Cakes ($4)Lundberg Farms: utilize cover crops, crop rotation, they dont burn the rice straw but let it replenish the organic matter in the soil, during the off season they encourage migrating birds to live in their fields (provides natural fertilizer and aids in straw decomposition).Whole Foods 365 Organic Ladyfingers ($3)Whole Foods 365 Organic Lemon Wafer ($4)Whole Foods 365 Organic Fig Bars ($4)Whole Foods 365 Organic Honey Graham Crackers ($3)Whole Foods 365 Organic Pretzels ($3)Whole Foods own 365 store brand offers organic and natural foods for reduced prices, making great quality food and products more readily available for any consumer. One percent of every sale of a 365 product goes to the Whole Planet Foundation for poverty relief.</p> <p>4PRODUCE!Driscolls Organic Strawberries ($20)Driscolls is a member of the following organic trade associations and research organizations: CCOF, OTA, Organic Center, and IFOAMHomegrown Organic Farm Yellow Flesh Peaches ($6)A ton of great information on organic farming for specific fruits and vegetable on the website:;view=frontpage&amp;Itemid=1Rainbow Valley Orchards Organic Hass Avocadoes ($3)Organic Kiwi ($5)Organic Pineapple ($4)</p> <p>5VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE!Whole Foods Fair Trade Brownie ($6)Vanilla Cup Cakes ($12)Mini Fruit Tart ($2)All the desserts available at Whole Foods are made in-store or by local bakeries.</p> <p>6DONT FORGET THE DRINKS!Whole Foods Fair Trade Mexican Coffee ($11)When people are receiving proper living wages they need to spend less time at work and can spend more time with their family preserving the culture of their community.Clover Stornetta Farms Fat Free Milk ($4)Clover Stornetta Farms, Inc. In Petaluma, CA is currently generating solar energy for their faciltiies and the local community with photovolatic cells. ($4)</p> <p>BYOM: Bringing your own mug to: lower the monetary cost of the party, save trees, reduce the demand for new manufacturing of cups, reduce waste and break-the-ice by showing off your individualized mug! </p> <p>7YOUR HOSTS FOOD PHILOSOPHYI chose to select only organic and local ingredients because I believe that organic products are tastier, have much less pesticides than conventional foods and have a reduced impact on the biological environment. By voting for organic and local ingredients at the cash register I am sending a message of change to the producers of our current food system.I chose Fair Trade products when possible to allow the growers the same opportunities as conventional growers. I think that by associating philanthropic efforts and organizations with our purchasing power is a fantastic idea because everyone needs food and it is a very easy way for someone with a busy schedule to give back to the global community. Overall, by paying the extra dollars for Fair Trade Products I am thanking the growers for all their hard work and effort. 8ENJOY!</p>