Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing

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An overview of investment alternatives for making a positive contribution to society while, at the same time, earning competitive returns.


  • 1. Sustainable, Responsible and Impact InvestingInvesting with Purpose is about connecting with your investments.Accessing responsible and impact investments in every asset classBest of class proprietary and third-party sustainable equity strategies (SRI) ensure that stockinvestments meet the highest environmental, social and governance standardsAn unrivaled menu of top-tier impact investment vehicles real estate, private equity,microfinance, small business and community lending, and moreTax-efficient ETFs and niche strategies complement core SRI portfoliosQuality of life bonds and lending to vehicles generate income and deliver a social impactIlluminating every corner of your portfolioThrough robust financial and social impact communication.A comprehensive, customized strategy pulls it all together to meet your unique objectives andindustry restrictions. Tax efficient, disciplined management techniques underpin all that we do. What is Impact Investing?Investing withpurpose is all about Impact investing takes the best of the for-profit and the nonprofit making conscious systems and blends them to yield social, environmental and decisions with your financial These ventures attack world problems with an effectiveness and efficiency that neither system alone can achieve taking the best of the markets and entrepreneurism and applying them to better outcomes for people and Each of these pictures is from a recent impact fund report. If you could earn competitive returns while helping to address some of the worlds most vexing problems, why wouldnt you?Contact us and well show you how easy it is to get started.Boardwalk Capital Management1275 East Rock Springs Road, Suite 200 Atlanta, Georgia 30306

2. About Boardwalk CapitalAtlanta-based Boardwalk Capital Management is an independent Registered Investment Advisor specializingin Sustainable and Responsible Investing. Our principals have more than 60 years of combined financialexperience, providing financial counsel to individuals and institutions all over the country. We offer bothproprietary investment solutions, and premier third-party managers, in order to meet the unique needs of eachclient.Investors are awakening to the prospect of achieving bothfinancial and societal goals. So, we incorporate sustainable principlesinto every one of our investment solutions. And because informedinvestors are active owners, we strive to keep our clients engaged withtheir investments.Our "best-of-class" approach integrates Environmental, Social andGovernance (ESG) analysis into every investment decision, believing thatcompanies who lead their industries in these areas are the most preparedfor the future. Partnerships with industry-leading research and data firmsSustainalytics and CSRHub underpin our research efforts.Certain principles transcend investment styles. We firmly believe in the value of asset diversification, tax efficientmanagement and full transparency. Our fee schedule is independent of asset type, meaning that we have no incentive tokeep your portfolio invested in riskier assets that usually carry a higher fee at most firms. This leaves our judgmentunclouded by profit motives. As a Registered Investment Advisory firm founded and lead by a Chartered Financial Analyst(CFA), we are held to the industrys highest standards of fiduciary responsibility and objectivity.For safekeeping of client assets, all securities are held by one of several independent custodians, segregated fromthose of other clients or of the firm.Giving back is part of our operating philosophy. 10% of the firmsannual profits are directed to worthy organizations or impactinvestments that support basic human needs, health, education andenvironmental stewardship. We are always happy to entertaincharitable suggestions from our clients and the public.Boardwalk is an active member of the Green Chamber of the South, aSignatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investing and a BusinessSupporter of the American Sustainable Business Council.We believe that sustainable investing is the future of investing.Someday, all investors will incorporate environmental, social and governance factors into their decisions. Fornow, however, its your "ace-in-the-hole" for finding superior companies with sustainable competitiveadvantages.Invest with Purpose.Boardwalk Capital Management 1275 East Rock Springs Road, Suite 200 Atlanta, Georgia