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    • U-REKA: The Final Pitch

2. Sustainable Whats??

  • Outdoor recycling bins made out of salvaged materials from the Clark campus and local community
        • Simple to assemble
        • Assembled by Clarkies
        • Paired next to each outdoor trash can


  • WePAY to have trash taken away; we are PAID to recycle.
  • What are donors and prospective students thinking?
        • The recycling bins are conspicuous in their absence.

But what does Clark get out of it? 4. What will recycling my canreallydo?

  • As members of a global community-- recycling is our obligation.
  • Outdoor recycling bins make it easier to recycle.

5. Why should YOU care?

  • Clarks recycling rate:
      • 1 year ago: 17%
      • Now: 29%
      • The national average: 33%

68% could have been diverted 32% meant for landfills 6. Look how far weve come!

  • CUSC allocated $15,000 for indoor recycling bins
  • Students have led the recyclinginitiative on campus for thepast 2 decades
  • Data from the green mentality survey shows that about 50% of students rank recycling as among their top 4 green priorities

7. It sure is a lot of money...

  • Inserts
  • Wood
  • Initial goal: 5 binsto pilot the project
  • Ultimate goal: 20-30 bins to accompany every outdoor trash can

8. Thank you! Team Leaders :Sharon Bort Heather Mackenzie Special thanks to :The I&E Department Physical Plant Jenny Isler