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  • Surviving Natural Disasters and Man-Made Disasters

    Janice L. McCann, Betsy Shand

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  • Publisher : Resolution Press

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  • ISBN : 0983888604

    Author : Janice L. McCann, Betsy Shand

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  • Experts agree everyone will have to confront at least one type of natural or man-made disaster intheir lifetime. This "one book fits all" approach to preparedness is long overdue. Reading it willincrease your odds of survival and a better quality of life following a disaster no matter where you liveor travel. This book allows the reader to customize and personalize each step to preparedness anddevelop self-reliance with dozens of supply checklists for building home, car, work, school and petemergency kits and organizing important financial, legal, medical and insurance information. It alsoincludes over 50 critical questions to ask insurance agents to protect your home asset andpossessions and 60 questions for school administrators on their emergency plans. The extensivegeneral preparedness plan features a neighborhood plan that shows how to build strong localnetworks and resilient communities. More than 100 web resources direct the reader to online tools,Google maps and do-it-yourself help with recommendations for over 30 phone apps and 25 socialmedia sites including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to learn and use now. The sixteen chaptersoffer concise coverage of each event with descriptions, citations and anecdotal information, andnewsworthy stories that draw the reader in to even better realization as to why to want to be preparedwith before, during and after sections provided for each disaster.

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