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  • 1. Surface WaterSurface Water

2. Stream StagesStream Stages ________:________: RapidsRapids WaterfallsWaterfalls Fast-moving waterFast-moving water Steep slopeSteep slope _______:_______: Broad floodplainBroad floodplain MeandersMeanders Oxbow lakesOxbow lakes Meander ScarsMeander Scars Youthful Old 3. Important DefinitionsImportant Definitions ____________ a stream and all its____________ a stream and all its tributariestributaries ________ a smaller stream that empties________ a smaller stream that empties into a larger streaminto a larger stream _________ the land area drained by a_________ the land area drained by a river systemriver system ______ a high point that separates river______ a high point that separates river systemssystems River System Tributary Watershed Divide 4. ________ the bends and curves________ the bends and curves of a streamof a stream Meanders 5. Oxbow lake deposition erosion 6. ____________ deposit formed when a____________ deposit formed when a stream spreads out onto a less steep areastream spreads out onto a less steep area Alluvial Fan 7. _____ where a stream empties_____ where a stream empties into a larger body of waterinto a larger body of water Delta 8. ____________ when an old age stream____________ when an old age stream downcuts to make it new againdowncuts to make it new again Rejuvenation 9. Stream LoadStream Load A stream can carry its load in threeA stream can carry its load in three different ways:different ways: 1.________ material is dissolved1.________ material is dissolved 2.__________ particles are held up by2.__________ particles are held up by streams moving waterstreams moving water 3._________ material pushed or rolled3._________ material pushed or rolled along the streams channelalong the streams channel solution suspension bed load 10. Stream DischargeStream Discharge Discharge is the amount of water thatDischarge is the amount of water that flows past a point in a certain amount offlows past a point in a certain amount of time.time. Discharge is dependent upon velocity,Discharge is dependent upon velocity, depth, and width of the stream.depth, and width of the stream. Discharge = _______ x _____ x _____Discharge = _______ x _____ x _____velocity depth width 11. Surface Water Review solution, suspension, bed load land area drained by a river system divide 12. Surface Water Review (continued) in the center along the sides and bottom because of the friction with the channel a bend or curve in the stream Maximum on the outside of the meander and minimum on the inside inside of meanders channel


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