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    NewsletterNewsletterNewsletter March 2012 Edition 2

    ABN 76432600317

    Leichhardt & One Mile Community Centre, Corner Old Toowoomba Road & Denman St, Leichhardt, Ipswich.

    Ph (07) 3812 1270

    Free English Lessons

    available for all migrants and

    refugees as well as for visiting

    overseas students or workers

    who need extra help.

    Mondays at 10:00 - 11:30am:

    Ipswich Library, South St, Ipswich.

    Tuesdays at 10:00 - 11:30am:

    Ipswich Library, South St, Ipswich.

    Thursdays at 10:00 - 11:30am

    Ipswich Library, South St, Ipswich.

    Thursdays at 9:00 - 11:00am:

    Goodna Neighbourhood House,

    33 Queens St, Goodna For further information please

    contact Stella Gibbs 0408 816 856

    or Colleen Marsh 0408 003 028.

    Support Links AGENDA

    Mondays 12pm - 2pm

    05 March Music and Dance

    12 March Excursion - Brisbane

    19 March Guest Speaker

    26 March Bring a book to discuss

    02 April Easter holiday

    09 April Easter holiday

    16 April Yoga

    Contribution to Newsletter:

    If you would like to advertise a

    function, festival, workshop, Art

    Exhibition, CD, book or you would

    like to share some

    interesting anecdotes, stories,

    poems, jokes and news items,

    please contact:

    Editors: Pooja Singh, Rita Goebel


    To view archived Newsletters, visit:

    For Enquiries contact:

    Co-ordinator: Stella Gibbs

    Ph: (07) 3281 6852

    Mobile: 0408 816 856


    St Patrick's Day 2012 Saturday, March 17, 2012

    St Patricks Day is an annual observance that is popular in Australia on March 17. This event serves as a tribute to Ireland and one of its

    patron saints, St Patrick.

    Many Australians come together on St Patricks Day to celebrate

    Irish culture and remember St Patricks life and achievements. Some

    businesses and organizations hold St Patricks Day breakfasts and

    lunches where lucky door prizes are given and Irish food and drinks

    are served. Many pubs, particularly Irish pubs, hold St Patricks Day

    parties in the evenings, where local bands play Irish music and green

    drinks are served.

    St Patrick Day parades are held in cities such as Sydney & Brisbane.

    These parades feature people clad in traditional Irish costumes or

    dressed in green, as well and floats displaying the Irish flag. Some

    people dress as leprechauns while others wear green wigs. Many

    Irish associations and historical societies hold events that give people

    the chance to learn about the history of Irish immigration and

    settlement in Australia.

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    Page 2 Education, concerts, festivals, Workshops ,counselling

    Calendar of Concerts, Festivals &


    February 7 Tuesday


    Every Tuesday and Wednesday

    Riverview. (See notice page 2.)

    15 March or 22 March Thursday, 10.00 am2.00 pm

    BRAND YOU Workshop:

    for women re-entering the workforce

    Ipswich Civic Centre, Nicholas St, Ipswich.

    Places are limited, bookings are essential

    RSVP by Monday 12 March 2012

    Telephone (07) 3810 6939


    March 21 Wednesday, 10.00am - 1.00pm


    dArcy Doyle Place, Ipswich.

    (For further details see page 4)

    March 30 Friday, 9.30am - 1.30pm

    THE LOST BOYS: from Sudan to Queensland

    CJ Greenfield Sporting Complex, Freeman Road, Inala

    $55 including lunch.

    This session will cover the perilous journey of thousands

    of displaced young Sudanese boys and girls orphaned or

    separated from their families in search of a safe haven.

    Also covers the settlement of the Lost Boys in Qld & the

    work of the Awulian Community Development Associ-

    ation( AWCODA).

    For more information contact:

    Peter Aguin Manyok, Ph: 3028 4690

    Ipswich City Council invites you to


    Commencing 7 February 2012

    Every Tuesday and Wednesday

    9.30am12 noon and 1.00pm3.30pm

    Grace Lutheran Church Hall,

    19 Ipswich Street, Riverview.

    Open to people who are aiming for employment or training


    For more information on eligibility etc., please contact

    Community Literacy Program Coordinator, Korinne Wilson

    on 0457 564 624.

    USQ Springfield Campus

    is offering English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

    in 2012.

    EAP 1 and EAP 2 - free of charge to all Australian

    Permanent Residents and holders of Permanent

    Humanitarian Visas.

    Online and face-to-face English Proficiency Pathways,

    leading to tertiary studies.

    For enquiries and applications, contact the Open Access

    College: (07) 4631 1551.

    Free call: 1800 269 500


    Department of Human Services

    needs NAATI accredited/recognised and/or

    experienced interpreters to join its register

    of contract interpreters.

    Applicants must have Permanent Residency

    /Citizenship in Australia; Demonstrated

    knowledge of AUSIT Code of Ethics; Good

    interpersonal skills and cultural awareness.

    For more information or to register your

    interest, please contact:

    Department of Human Services -

    Language Services Coordinator in Qld.

    Ph (07) 3000 2890,

    mobile 0467 600 042, or send an email to

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    Page 3 Education, concerts, festivals, Workshops ,counselling

    What is International Women's Day?

    The annual event aims to highlight the

    economic, political and social achievements of

    women around the world.

    It was first held in Europe in 1911 with a

    series of protests aimed at securing women

    the right to vote. (It has been 110 years since

    women were first granted the right to vote in


    The theme for this year's event is economic

    empowerment, recognising that women on

    average earn lower wages than men and do

    the majority of unpaid work.

    "The Sunday Mail, March 4, 2012"

    Have ever stopped to wonder what might be under

    the skirt of a Victorian Woman?

    The clothing that was worn here in Queensland and throughout

    Australia came from the fashion plates of London and France.

    There was very little compensation for our ferociously hot

    weather and every woman strove to stay as fashionable as

    possible. By the 1860s clothing was able to be purchased off the

    shelf and the sewing machine was in use, though many women

    still made their own clothing.

    The members of Ipswich Support Links had the opportunity to

    find out when Dorothy Walsh from The Queensland Colonial

    Association visited a meeting at Leichhardt. The association

    which was formed in 1983 encourages its members to educate

    the public about Queensland in an enjoyable way.

    Dorothy demonstrated and spoke about the clothing and fabrics

    worn and used by a woman of the 1860s. The program was

    called The Reverse Strip. While speaking about each article of

    clothing Dorothy dressed for her audience beginning with the

    undergarments. The number of garments worn included the

    stays, chemise, stockings, pantalets, petticoats, crinoline, then the

    skirt, blouse, undersleeves, gloves, fan, umbrella, hat and boots.

    The pantalets cause much amusement among the group with the

    gentlemen beginning to swoon and the ladies calling for the

    smelling salts. There was concern that a certain gentlemans

    pacemaker may experience technical difficulties if he engaged in

    this learning experience.

    Many members commented that they were pleased that they

    dont have to wear all those layers of clothes today. Lively

    discussion continued throughout the presentation adding to our

    knowledge of the history of the fabrics which came mainly from

    India and the care of the garments and the amount of hard work

    that many women engaged in.

    Dorothy Walsh

    Correction: Apologies for omitting contact details in February Newsletter for SGP.

    Settlement Grants Program Kenny Duke

    Settlement Service Manager

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    Page 4 Education, concerts, festivals, Workshops ,counselling

    Orange Muffins

    Cut one large orange into 8 pieces

    (skin not too thick)

    Put into blender.

    Add 1 cup of sugar

    1/2 a cup of melted butter

    Process until well combined. Into a separate bowl:

    Sift 1 &1/2 cups plain flour

    1 teaspoon baking powder

    1 teaspoon baking soda Pour into liquid ingredients & mix until well