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A brief overview of the Business Economics club at SUNY Cortland


  • 1. $$$$$$A presentation by Matthew Eberhardt$$$$$$$$ $$

2. An organization for economic majors at SUNY CortlandA place for students to interact with one another and share ideasA great way to meet friends in the major! 3. Club meetings are at 4:30 pmMeetings every TuesdaysHeld in Sperry 309 Sperry Hall 4. Jon SchwarzPresidentRebekah AndreVice PresidentEdward Morrissey Matthew EberhardtKimberly HuyhuaSecretary TreasurerSGA Matthew.eberhardt@cortland.eduKimberly.huyhua@cortland.eduContact any of these officers for more information! 5. An easy way to get involved on campusLearn about the business world and preparing for itIts fun! (And who doesnt like fun??) 6. Bdavid1992. (2012) ReYALityCheck. Retrieved March 1, 2014, from Moushira. (2012) Tabling at Arabic int. day at Cairo Uni. Retrieved March 1, 2014, from Cairo_Uni..jpg.


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