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  • PharmacoEconomics & Outcomes News 651 - 14 Apr 2012

    Sunscreen promotion costeffective in Australia

    Researchers from Australia have reported that activepromotion of regular sunscreen use is likely to be costeffective for preventing skin cancer over the long term.

    They constructed a decision-analytic model using asocietal perspective, with strategies modelled on theNambour Skin Cancer Prevention Trial. Costs werereported in 2010 Australian dollars and discounted at5%.

    For lifetime prevention of melanoma, the incrementalcost per QALY gained by daily use of sunscreen was$A42 000. When protection against squamous cellcarcinoma (SCC) was included in the model, theincremental cost-effectiveness ratio was $40 900. Thelikelihood that promotion of daily sunscreen use wascost effective* for the prevention of melanoma was 64%.

    These results "provide support for continuedgovernment investment in sun-protection campaigns forpopulations in high-sunlight conditions to encouragesunscreen use for protection from intense UV[ultraviolet] exposure", conclude the authors.* using a willingness-to-pay threshold of $50 000 per QALY gained

    Hirst NG, et al. Lifetime Cost-Effectiveness of Skin Cancer Prevention throughPromotion of Daily Sunscreen Use. Value in Health 15: 261-8, No. 2, Mar 2012.Available from: URL: 803068979


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